Alumina special type is fireproof the specific application limits of material
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The breed of fireproof material has alumina particular kind: Ceramic of advanced and refractory products pledges gently adiabatic products fiber and adventitious goods, its basically apply limits to have:

(1) furnace of superhigh temperature kiln uses lining structure data.
(2) the crucible that the smelt extract such as rare precious metal of alloy of high temperature of tall pure metal uses.
(3) thermocouple of pipe of heat of high temperature heat is in charge of high temperature insulation to wait.
(4) high temperature resistant kiln provides spacer to press club and pressure piece etc.
(5) petro-chemical industrial high temperature resistant fight corrode lining material.
(6) transparent alumina pottery and porcelain can do microwave of high-pressured natrium tube to overspread glass of high temperature viewport.
(7) electric bed is made in electronic industry piece sparkplug of cover of antennae of radar of envelope of pottery and porcelain of electronic socket high pressure.
(8) grind provide and abrasive is like emery wheel piece cut piece the model that pull silk pulls porcelain of spin of filar cone pulliy bearing of wear-resisting of high temperature of gush arenaceous mouth reachs all sorts of prop to wait.
(9) chemical industry is industrial seal ring of component of force plunger pump.
(10) fluid of frit of metal of metallurgy coloured industry carries pipeline.
(11) efficient and energy-saving material is like the high temperature of each industry department appearance alumina is hollow brilliant needs ball alumina alumina fiber reach goods.
Alumina range of products is very much now for example: Alumina of high temperature of alumina hydroted alumina is high pure level of industry of hydroted alumina of white of alumina of alumina to calcine class of hydroted alumina toothpaste class of hydroted alumina agate hydroted alumina waits class of hydroted alumina filling a moment. Range of alumina product application is wide the presence that there is her in still living in economic construction without giving thought to, she produced unapproachable effect.