Candle stone highlights show mediumly in fireproof material
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General candle stone contains Al2O315%~30% , siO270%~85% , composition of other foreign matter is very few, it is good half silicon qualitative fireproof raw material. Before early the United States becomes authentic of chunk candle stone brick, build by laying bricks or stones builds chimney and hearth, common weighs firestone or furnace stone. Make fireproof material for raw material with candle stone, japan already had hundred years history, up to now stone of mass-produced still candle is qualitative fireproof material, the candle stone that Japan uses at producing fireproof material occupies gross of countrywide candle stone about (include an import) 50%~60% , element of candle stone brick has: "Japanese ace " say. The United States also has the candle stone of 50% above to produce fireproof material with a future life. Russia pledges at spending candle rock with respect to trial-produce 1936 fireproof material, still have the research of candle stone brick now. The country such as Brazil, Australia, India uses native candle stone to produce brick of line of Cheng Gang bucket, sleeve brick, chip in to shed steel brick, in iron and steel of hill of ironworks of 3 bright steel, saddle the small-sized, medium-sized, large Cheng Gang of company of iron and steel of hill of company, saddle the try out on the bucket, medium or small the service life that contains firm barrel relatively argillaceous brick raises nearly one times, use effect of bucket of large Cheng Gang is apparent also relatively argillaceous brick is good. Glair brick, brick of steel of chip in shedding also relatively argillaceous brick is fought erode. Fireproof material factory used Zhejiang 1979 trial-produce of stone of this locality candle fills brick of steel tub line, the try out on the bucket of small-sized, medium-sized Cheng Gang that is in plant of heavy-duty machine of company of iron and steel of Hangzhou steel ironworks, capital, Shanghai, service life relatively stick a brick to raise 40% above, some also relatively clay brick life raises one times. Have high temperature as a result of candle stone brick expansile, the brick in making liner of bucket flourishing steel is using a process seams decrescent, integral sex is good, fight erode, and corrode caustic is even, do not hang broken bits. Cheng Gang of Bao Gang 300T uses candle stone brick all the time by the bucket, need not slag remove, very level off. Bao Gang uses 315T ladle before converter furnace, candle stone brick makes liner, because be below high temperature,candle stone brick has slight expansile, make ladle liner becomes more compact, service life 500 above, rise significantly than argillaceous brick life. Because argillaceous brick high temperature is collected, the brick seams dissolve caustic bigger, produce leakage iron accident easily.

Japan pledges to candle stone fireproof material has the research of many sided. Around the use effect of brick of line of bucket flourishing steel, from candle stone former expect workmanship undertook for many times changing. The earliest it is candle stone to calcine maturity expects. Impose combinative clay burden, make firing below temperature of 1300 ℃ left and right sides, produce alkaline content the candle stone brick that air of taller, air leads inferior, agglomeration to had been compared. But this kind of brick is in use process, the surface bubbles easily, corrode damage is serious, service life is not tall. According to candle stone fundamentality qualitative research realises: Candle stone calcination reduces an amount little (4%~8% ) , heat rate of the dehydrate in the process is slow, the structure after pyrophyllite dehydrate was not destroyed, do not produce new crystallization effect, volume is steady, candle stone is OK need not to calcine grog, direct and broken make a brick. 1961~1970 year Japan uses SiO2=71%~75% more, the candle stone of R2O=0.5%~1.5% makes a brick directly. The research that pledges through candle stone line brick mars mechanism reached alkaline content and silicon content and erode the relation of rate. Somebody points out Fe2O3 alkaline content is the change of candle stone brick of 2.1% to be use Fe2O3 alkaline for the brick of stone of low alkaline candle of 0.6% . Be able to bear or endure aggressivity raises 1.2 times. In SiO2 content respect, the use Gao Gui with the Russia before seeing, successful Germany fills steel tub liner character. And resource of Japanese candle stone already gradually dried up, certainly will prevents development to Gao Gui. After 1970, the Gao Gui that Japan uses SiO2=75%~83% more is low alkaline (<0.6% ) candle stone makes a brick, and with the Gao Gui of SiO2=85%~92% candle stone deserves to make Gao Gui with pink of 30%~60% zirconium stone, zirconium fastens Cheng Gang bucket projectile makings.
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