Naval vessel uses superhigh temperature of new-style special type firebrick of m
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Naval vessel uses oil fired boiler, be plant of large battleship power " heart " , the firebrick of the chamber of a stove or furnace once damage or cave in, battleship can lose motivation to cannot sail immediately, and inside short time hard repair. If this kind of circumstance appears on battlefield, ship vessel was become " vivid target " . Development goes a kind of new-style superhigh temperature naval vessel uses firebrick, it is ship vessel experts' old long-cherished wish. The broil that naval vessel wants to experience ablaze raging fire with firebrick is baked, are its fireproof does function want after all much taller? To this, yang Zichun of naval project university says: "' a person of integrity can stand severe tests ' , because the melting point of gold is high,be, exceeded 1000 ℃ . Naval vessel uses firebrick, want to be able to bear gold melting point the high temperature of double and changeless form is not sent soft. Want to be able to bear gold melting point the high temperature of double and changeless form is not sent soft..

Fireproof spend the material that amounts to 1500 ℃ above to belong to superhigh temperature fireproof material, its are fireproof spend every to lift 50 ℃ are together hard the technical difficult problem of exceed. Give high-powered firebrick for development, yang Zichun consults document data, visit home's famous fireproof material academy place and manufacturer, through sufficient survey and scientific proof, final make choice of material of new-style pottery and porcelain. Material of this kind of pottery and porcelain, the pottery and porcelain of the tableware in living daily with us, handicraft but very different. It has the advantage that good, service life grows hear resistance of pottery and porcelain already, also have the inadequacy such as difference of tenacity of pottery and porcelain, to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, the other material that joins only has 20 a variety of, can say, it is famous high-powered composite material.

A variety of 20 raw material are occupied each how old heft, want to learn intellectual coach with material already, should rely on many experiment to come more test and verify. Yang Zichun and work in the same placing made the 100 many plan of series of material of 9 kinds of pottery and porcelain. Material from send into warm-up of the chamber of a stove or furnace to want a week to fire finished product, these 7 days they should eat, undertake persistent surveying a record. The one by one of index of each physico-chemical function to finished product has the test instrument that modernization uses even after finished product gives heat test, analysis, computation, undertake modification perfecting to material recipe thereafter. Such loop move back and forth, around last a period of time a year many, the recipe of material of new-style pottery and porcelain just is able to come down certainly.

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