Dolomite brick is fought flake sexual improvement gets attention
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In recent years, the firebrick containing chromium of all sorts of types gets attention fully, but because environmental protection element needs development more,give the firebrick that do not have chromium. Brick of magnesian carbon brick, magnesian pointed spar and other brick multi-purpose take off gas stove at RH, among them brick of magnesian pointed spar is multi-purpose also at vacuum finery. In the meantime, the firebrick with inferior cost is in some closer year demand also rises somewhat.

Because dolomite brick does not contain chromic, cost inferior and become new central issue. Traditional magnesian qualitative dolomite although the brick fights sex of broken bits corrode good, but fight flake the gender is mixed fight to hydrate sex very poor; Additional because its shrinkage is taller, cause a furnace the liner in battle period flakes, service life drops. Japanese some company to raise traditional dolomite of the brick fight flake quality, undertook study to develop to its.

Improve traditional dolomite brick (thick grain content 40% , content of grain, fine grained all is in 30% , do not add zirconia fine pink and any bond) fight the measure that flakes the gender can use pair of mixture recipes to have a change, raise the content of thick grain, or add zirconia fine pink. Sample 1: Thick grain content 60% , in grain content 15% , fine grained content 25% ; Sample 2: Besides adding zirconia fine pink, the others content and sample 1 identical. Mix sample, heat to 100 ~ 120 ℃ , the bond with right amount rejoin heats up mixture 10min, cool its next shape to the suppress after about 40 ℃ . Sample 1, sample 2 also come according to same method preparation. The function of sample sees a table.