Kaolin has what use
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Make the Na Zhuang of base press down as core of Fosan pottery and porcelain, the deadline is increasingly impendent crucial period related promotion is optimized in ceramics industry, announced to be started formally recently " base of equipment of electron of machinery of Chinese pottery and porcelain " construction project. The reporter presses down a government to understand in Na Zhuang, this town government uses the land that after large quantities of ceramics companies involve change, vacates, plan 10000 mus of land, the workshop of 1.5 million square metre develops manufacturing industry of equipment of technology of pottery and porcelain, and garden of auspicious to developing zone of buddhist city economy industry undertakes extend, long-dated target is 10000 mus of above. Zhuang Zhen expresses about chief south, will resemble developing pottery and porcelain in those days same, bend force is made " Fosan contented machine " brand of this one area, will build center of a hatch and center of research and development of machine of pottery and porcelain, guide an enterprise to develop to the advanced manufacturing industry of hi-tech, high additional cost.

Na Zhuang is base of our country's important architectural pottery production, gathered domestic and international large quantities of one famous pottery and porcelain produce a business, be like new in can source, new bright phearl, strong, Jin Duo, have the pottery and porcelain of an ancient name for China with baronial dimensions to read extensively at the same time pottery and porcelain of international of sea of city, porcelain, Fosan trades base of headquarters of industry of ceramics of center, China, have at present domestic and international brand of many 500 pottery and porcelain is garrisoned.

In contented plane side, zhuang Zhen shares company of machinery of pottery and porcelain south many 50, the production that covered machine of pottery and porcelain basically is phyletic, have a batch of yield tall, market has content of big, technology the company of machinery of pottery and porcelain with big rate, consistent vessel, always amount to, graceful a place of strategic importance is carried, An Longshi, nimble wait for company of machinery of pottery and porcelain, some home market are had rate amount to 50% above, formed a chain of relatively perfect industry of machinery of pottery and porcelain basically. In addition, zhuang Zhen already was formed now south relatively the machinery of pottery and porcelain of assemble sells the market. East village paragraph, pottery and porcelain of an ancient name for China reads extensively machinery of city Tao Beilu pottery and porcelain that forms certain dimensions, chemical industry sells the market, have supplier of machinery of many about 200 pottery and porcelain door garrison, everyday machinery of large quantities of pottery and porcelain that come from countrywide each district purchase business to come Na Zhuang.
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