Improve the efficiency that connect casting with immersion water mouth opportune
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The steelworks asks the function that connect casting is long successive and pouring, reduce manufacturing cost in order to promote high yield and quality. However, irrigate steel to suffer what crystallizer protects broken bits to erode with line of broken bits of immersion water mouth, and the field trash such as the alumina in steel fluid is right of water mouth passageway jam, make long successive and pouring got restrict. Although increase water opening fireproof material quality, change water inlet appearance and structure, to its wall inbreathe argon is enraged etc can go up in certain level prolong its service life, but the effect is finite. For this, one kind can change quickly the device emerge as the times require of immersion water mouth, it can make intermediate bag life does not accept the restriction of state of immersion water mouth. But, easy induction air of ordinary existence of buy of fast transhipment of through cargo of immersion water mouth and the blemish with exasperate qualitative steel, the calm slide that its reason depends on trading unit quickly commonly and use slide between and on the joint face that changes slide and immersion water mouth easy induction air.

Home is able to bear or endure lumber company developed bos to break pouring change quickly art of immersion water vocal mimicry, this technology still includes the to load construction of slide of can effective impaction, prevent air effectively thereby from inside afore-mentioned joint faces inspiratory. Accordingly, this technology is in receive promotion application domestic and internationally.

The structure of device: Immersion water mouth changes quickly device is three-layer slide type. In pilot valve bottom, installed the slideway that can grow immersion water mouth and crystallizer of board base Lian Zhu edge parallel to move. Can change with this slideway water mouth, carry the hydraulic pressure jar with flexible response namely, but will used and unfavorable the water mouth that continues to irrigate steel changes new water mouth. Be borne the weight of when immersion water mouth go up at slideway when, hydraulic pressure crock begins an action; Change after the end, farewell of hydraulic pressure crock returns former.

What each joint face may produce the water mouth in irrigating steel is inspiratory and main be sustained structure and the effect that play slide to hold a construction by slide. Immersion water mouth changes quickly the to load structure of device divides roughly for two kinds of means: It is pair of slide and immersion water mouth part to load, 2 it is with supporting the force of immersion water mouth to be opposite slide has to load.

In the 2nd kind of way that supports immersion water mouth and slide with identical load, the head that needs to consider immersion water mouth may damage and set supports power, if be not worth to slide to load, besides slide joint face the likelihood is flat besides, wear steel possibly still. And be opposite in the first kind of kind that immersion water mouth and slide have to load respectively, happen rarely however inspiratory and wear steel, because be in,this is do not damage the premise of water mouth falls, enough to the to load force of slide big reason. However, even if is orgnaization of this kind of to load, if cannot bring to bear on load force to shed the whole brick face of steel Kong Sizhou in next slide, cause easily also inspiratory or wear steel.
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