Lining is fireproof material mechanism
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Lining is the mars mechanism and fireproof material chemical composition of fireproof material, mineral structure, a few very complex elements such as steelmaking process have affinity, because this wants,going up to say completely to be clear about in theory is impossible almost. Come a few years, physico-chemical to the high temperature between steel-making fuse-element and fireproof material reaction has done people to study in great quantities, but the conclusion that can make now, still also be macroscopical only or be experience sex. Baconian rise the reason that lining mars divides 4 kinds roughly:

① machinery is pounded and wear away;

High temperature of ② fireproof material is deliquescent;

Solution of ③ high temperature is permeated;

The gas phase below ④ high temperature volatilizes;

Among them with ② , ③ is considered as twice the basiccest mar a reason, the research work that does is most also.

The composition of converter broken bits basically is CaO, siO2, feO, when slag alkalinity on the low side, right with CaO, fireproof material erodes the lining that MgO is bases serious, lining life is reduced; Contrary, when slag when alkalinity is taller, to lining erode slighter, lining life also rises somewhat relatively. This brings about technology of the slagging in steel-making craft change, use burn dolomite slagging gently, result lining life has relatively substantially rise. When fluorine ion, metallic manganese ion is being contained to wait in slag, or bath temperature lifts L700 ℃ above, the viscosity of solution will be urgent drop suddenly, of lining mar speed to accelerate, life is reduced substantially. So on the high side of temperature of converter molten steel, can make lining life is reduced accordingly.

The composition of fireproof material interior includes solution infiltration: The CaO in broken bits, SiO2, FeO; The Fe in steel fluid, Si, Al, Mn, C, still include gas of metallic steam, CO to wait even. Heavy volume is in these infiltration composition in the wool stoma path of fireproof material, cause the discontinuous sex of the physico-chemical function of fireproof material working face and matrix of raw fireproof material, below the temperature leap that operates in converter, occurrence crackle, flake and the structure is loose, say this mars a process to want to mar a process to be gotten badly than dissolving strictly much.

Accordingly, want to reduce the solution osmosis to fireproof material, measure has: A. Should reduce lining the porosity of fireproof material and stomatic aperture; B. The material with as not easy as solution wet embellish is joined in fireproof material, wait like element of black lead, carbon; C. Control the viscosity of solution strictly, control temperature of tapping of smelt intensity, control to wait namely.

Experiment by the aggressivity fighting broken bits of lining material, can reach the process of corrode of broken bits dip of magnesian carbon brick is: Photograph of stone of Fang Mei of → of black lead oxidation is eroded by the SiO2 in broken bits, Fe2O3 the low frit thing that → reaction makes is broken by frit.
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