Stress good protection pouring make Lian Zhu high grade high yield
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Do good protection pouring the job, high grade to Lian Zhu high yield has the sense that hold the balance.

Protective medium has the following and main function: 

(1) separate liquid metal and air prevent combustion 2 times; 

(2) the heat radiation loss that reduces range of fluid of intermediate bag, crystallizer steel, prevent exterior bear case; 

(3) absorb the field trash from the rise in steel fluid; 

(4) lubricant effect has between crystallizer copper wall and caky base case. 

To fulfil afore-mentioned functions, protective medium must provide the physical performance with good stock. 

Protection is pouring the method has the following 4 kinds: 

(1) gas protects a law. At present gas of commonly used argon, nitrogen regards protection as gas, because of its to steel fluid it is inert gase, the lively element in it and steel fluid (like Al, Ti, Si, Mn) do not produce chemical reaction; Regard steel bag → as the protective gas of intermediate bag or crystallizer of intermediate bag → , in protecting gas [O2] < 1% , ability prevents combustion effectively 2 times, rise to protect action. (2) liquid protective agent. Liquid protective agent can divide it is 3 kinds: Oil of mineral oil, vegetable and synthesis are oily. Synthesizing oil is the mixture of mineral oil commonly. 

Small square base opens wide even casting machine pouring crystallizer to use rapeseed oil extensively to make lubricant protective agent at present. Oil sheds crystallizer the cupreous wall all around is adherent oily film is formed on its, contact when oily film and case of high temperature base with respect to splitting decomposition, oil volatilizes to contain the reducing gas of CH compound, the effect that avoids air 2 times to oxidize has in curved moon face, at the same time carbolic deposit is in on cupreous wall, when crystallizer moves downward, oil or carbon are gone to by impact between base case and crystallizer wall have lubricant effect. Rapeseed oil dosage is 0.2~0.3L/t steel commonly. 

(3) solid protective agent. Face of fluid of intermediate bag steel uses coverture (like carbonization rice husk) or of double deck structure enclothe broken bits, crystallizer uses protective broken bits, all can prevent combustion 2 times. Current and pouring breed of actor spy steel all uses special crystallizer to protect broken bits to undertake protective pouring. (4) physics protects a law. In the course that produces even casting steel of actor spy breed, using more physics to protect a method is: The bag uses Al-C to grow water mouth character among steel bag → , long water mouth Chi Li 100mm controls intercalary Bao Rong, mechanically note flow to be separated with air, avoided to note the molten steel that sheds concussion to face of bath of the bag intermediate to cause at the same time bare and splatter 2 oxidation that cause. 
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