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15 years crop adds job of 4 dimension porcelain 10 times
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<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>3 is product line of trade of 4 dimension porcelain (600145) ignites 15 anniversary day. Come 15 years, course of study of 4 dimension porcelain defends year of crop of bath pottery and porcelain to expand 3.5 million scope from 360 thousand; Year sales revenue goes to 360 million yuan from many yuan 80. 4 dimension clean is provided from Chongqing city oil brook town moves toward the whole nation, popular and abroad, make the famous brand product that is famous in home to protect bath industry. </FONT></DIV>
4 dimension of <DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>   porcelain course of study is a country 75 during the base of exclusive and large wholesome pottery and porcelain that builds in southwest layout. The business is official 1992 put into production, the company appeared on the market in Shanghai stock exchange 1999, become Chinese major Wei Yu appears on the market the first times company. At present the company has Chongqing river ferry, Chongqing 10 thousand fill, 3 big industry base of Hunan Xiangtan, goods lot exports the 10 many countries such as southeast Asia, United States, Europe, Africa and area, exit forehead reached 28 million dollar 2006. The enterprise is seleted Chongqing industry business 8 years continuously 50 strong, become the preeminent company that Chongqing city key gives aid to. </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>     1997, the company takes the lead in passing attestation of system of IS09002 international quality in entire industry, the company passed attestation of system of IS09001 international quality again in March 2003. Come ten years, company and product are had the honor to win early or late " pottery and porcelain of sanitation of Chinese green building recommends certificate " , " 51 labor certificate of merit of countrywide " , " product of Chinese famous brand " , " product of Chongqing famous brand " , " national product quality avoids check product " , " countrywide section. &nbsp<BR>   in recent years, course of study of 4 dimension porcelain uses new technology, new technology, new facility, new data, development gave a series of model complete, beautiful chromaticity plants distinctive, function the rich, new product that has own intellectual property, porcelain tastes the sanitation that designed 2006 newly to amount to 50, broke the situation that by foreign brand unify high-grade and wholesome clean has the market. Since last year, the company undertook conformity to the sale system of the brand such as 4 dimension, Jin Siwei, undertook readjust to market position. Sell the escalate of dimensions as the company, the company held water to sell the center, contemporary sale that deserves to send center, settle accounts center to be an organic whole to run network system, complete sale network develops for the abidance of course of study of 4 dimension porcelain laid solid foundation. </FONT></DIV>
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