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Only beautiful group obtains two honor
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President of <FONT&nbspface=Verdana> Huang Jianping is had the honor to win " 2006 drive Chinese brand internationalization 50 people " Luo Rong of title <BR> Ma Kebo is obtained " China of 2006 worlds market (pottery and porcelain) 10 good year spend a brand " <BR> report from our correspondent in October 2006 8-10 day by world productivity science alliance. Only horse of card of inferior of beautiful group division but pineapple ceramic tile is had the honor to win " China of 2006 worlds market (pottery and porcelain) brand of 10 large year " large award. <BR> Ma Kebo collect the market fixed position that ceramic tile follows by right of essence of life, good product quality, archaize and fashionable perfect confluence, since appearing on the market 10 years, judge by the favour become reconciled of the market and consumer, the product is sold as far as to southeast Asia, Euramerican wait for country and area. Ma Kebo collect ceramic tile wins 78 countries patent early or late,  2002 year be judged to be " Guangdong saves famous brand " , was judged to be 2003 " Chinese famous brand " , 2003, have the honor to win " Chinese architectural pottery is famous brand " , was judged to be 2004 " Guangdong saves famous label " . Came 2004 2006, ascend 3 years continuously body China 500 have value brand by force most, world brand lab evaluates value of card of Ma Kebo Luo Pin to be as high as 1.185 billion yuan, establish of domain of archaize ceramic tile to honour position, brand force grows day and day. Ma Kebo obtains the result that your person fixes eyes upon in industry of Luo Zaitao porcelain, organizing committee of congress of productivity of the 14th world awards Ma Kebo especially collect " China of 2006 worlds market (pottery and porcelain) brand of 10 large year " honorary title. <BR> only the outstanding contribution that Huang Jianping of beautiful group president depends on pair of Ma Kebo to the success of Luo Pin card is run and be built to the brand, had the honor to win organizing committee of congress of productivity of the 14th world to issue " 2006 drive Chinese brand internationalization 50 people " large award. President Huang Jianping, currently hold the post ofChina to build vice-chairman of guild of wholesome pottery and porcelain, guangdong only president of beautiful ceramics company holds general manager concurrently, pass his innovation and scientific leader, process of internationalization of Luo Pin card accelerates Ma Kebo ceaselessly, 2005 establish " strong terminal, professional sale, industry 3 armour, world brand " internationalization target and achieve " hundred years old store " the enterprise wishs scene. <BR> it is reported, theme of this congress of second world productivity is " pursuit develops productivity continuously scientificly " , many 1000 delegate that comes from 59 countries and area attends the meeting, the conference is let by banquet of the leader of an alliance of couplet of world productivity science - Keluode Lawson is chaired. Annam of · of U.N. secretary-general Kofi sends congratulatory letter, ceng Peiyan of Vice Prime Minister of the State Council attends the meeting and publish gist to make a speech. Chen Zheng of secretary of municipal Party committee of Shenyang of Li Kejiang of secretary of provincial Party committee of Liaoning of president of alliance of world productivity science Mr John Xipu, the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China is tall make a speech early or late.   is additional, the well-known company such as group of company of iron and steel of insurance company, Wuhan, Ao Kang, red tower group acquired Chinese life 10 good year spend industry of world market other brand. <BR> of double honor obtaining is pair of Ma Kebo collect a kind of authority that ceramic tile and president Huang Jianping create value inside ceramic tile industry is affirmative. Link related <BR> : &nbsp of congress of <BR> world productivity by alliance of world productivity science (WCPS) sponsor, biennially is held, heretofore already had held 12 plenary meeting. Congress gives priority to a problem with the development of productivity, the target that the participant includes the industrial and commercial cacique, person that make policy, senior controller, plenary meeting is, will promote world peace and prosperity through improving productivity, prosperous with harmony, advance the development of the world and Chinese productivity further. &nbsp of alliance of science of productivity of &nbsp<BR>   world is the friendship of a couplet that comprises by the national leader of world each country, entrepreneur, controller and scholar sexual organization, organization of dispute politics sex. Its target is stimulative countryman economy the development of departmental door productivity, improve work efficiency, improve living standard.   China produces mechanical meeting, held water in November 1980, via approval of civil administration department, the learning of of a mass character that is research productivity problem consults a team. The care productivity student that basically runs mechanism, business circles by academia, country and local economic integration is comprised. Current, learn 47 to share party member, senior member 1100 more than person, member 11000 more than person. </FONT>
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