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Initiate of world of big Tang Gecheng " treasures happy match " appear on the ma
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In competition of market of pottery and porcelain more and more intense circumstance falls, product height is coessential change bring about price war to upgrade step by step, make company profit shrink. Especially archaize brick enterprise of home, in product innovation, what always cannot break away from the sort of gloomy, stale is tonal, colour of very few also coloured is lively, luxurious on the market atmospheric archaize brick upgrades replacement product. Grow mug-up to seek new profit, pull open the distance with congener product, take the route that poor dissimilation competes, guangdong Dong Pengtao porcelain accused an enterprise Fosan recently limited company of ceramics of big Tang Gecheng, below the effort of technology and personnel of research and development, successful development goes to have ceramics industry revolutionary changing new product " treasures happy match " (metallic sheepskin brick) . This product is used cast a technology partly, have the culture inside information of archaize brick, what have polishing brick again is luxurious with beautiful beautiful, it is current pioneer of domestic ceramics industry, engineering technology also belongs to banner level in the world. <BR><BR>Big Tang Gecheng " treasures happy match (metallic sheepskin brick) " series product, have qualitative feeling of the metal, what have sheepskin again is withy with exquisite; Those who have polishing brick is clean with luxurious, have the culture inside information of archaize brick again. Wait for presentative language with riches and honour, lucky, massiness, composed, quiet, vogue, give a person the fashionable element of a kind of refined culture details and unruly or unrestrained. That has the face of metallic burnish, as if to touch with the hand the clear sound that can give out a metal, its massiness and callous in appearing a kind of nobility. It is the armor plate of a condensation, but it is not real spring absolutely, it is the metallic language that has vitality; The sheepskin that it is profundity of meaning of one party analogy coils, but not be sheepskin absolutely, the backside of vicissitudes of life is a paragraph of philosophy is contemplative. <BR><BR>"Treasures happy match (metallic sheepskin brick) " use an entrance high-grade metal frit, shop doing bead is heavy, many webby essence imprints, use next cast a technology partly, those who make ceramic tile surface has simple sense of the metal to have sheepskin brick again is exquisite with this true, prevent slippery, wear-resisting, bibulous rate is in 0.5 the following, apply extensively at high-grade guesthouse, airport, hall, indoor, outdoor wait for a place, the first-class talent that is stylist performance style and individual character is qualitative. <BR><BR>Elegant, of heaven and earth close, lot day is become. Big Tang Gecheng is rolled out " treasures happy match " (metallic sheepskin brick) this series product, the implied meaning is worn the lot between manufacturer and agency, go for a career jointly, the more indicative also mem and women in opportunity of the look for in boundless and indistinct sea of faces and lot, meet accidentally or meet unexpectedly, become a paragraph of happy match like Jin Shiyu likely. "Treasures happy match " it is the allegory that Oriental culture precipitation comes down, it is the good expectation in life, it is offset Fei Qian more person bless deeply. <BR><BR>"Treasures happy match (metallic sheepskin brick) " having a month sunshine same burnish, it is in quiet in extensive is worn the ray of wisdom, it is a kind of culture and the element that vogue combines, it is old with dignified indicative, it is a kind of thought that years precipitates afterwards. Can bring another kind of transcendental and free from vulgarity inspirational space for the bedroom. <BR><BR>Of heaven and earth join wealth and rank lucky lifetime expects to involve hand situation predestined relationship! "Treasures happy match " , we bless the world with the product all lovers.
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