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Germany is solely invested law of Zi rich thunder is fireproof practice of data
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<FONT&nbspface=Verdana>11 month 4 days, the direct contact that is stationed in place of delegate of German classics trade in province government and drive below, investment amount the Germany of 90 million yuan of RMBs is solely invested " law of Zi Bo Lei is fireproof data limited company " in start business of post stage development. Bridge wave deputy office grows and thunder law technology charges a limited company president Mr Tusaike, Germany is stationed in China the representing that embassy and Bavarian city are stationed in Shandong agency attended celebration ceremony. Bridge wave deputy office grows to say in the speech, as the fireproof stuff that enjoys high reputation in the world production crosses state-owend enterprise trade, thunder law firm invests project settle Shandong, the appeal that shows Shandong saves investment climate adequately and we are bilateral the energy that classics trade collaboration can develop continuously, true also the desire that reflected Lu Ba both sides to devote oneself to to develop collaboration of trade of more extensive classics to concern and   sincerity. Thunder law firm uses an advanced technique to produce high quality fireproof material, be helpful for promoting the energy-saving work decreasing a platoon of fireproof data industry, accord with industrial policy of China, also accord with the need that Shandong economy grows. Thunder law technology accuses a limited company headquarters to be located in Bavarian city, it is one of companies of production of before the whole world 10 old fireproof stuff, in cement kiln furnace fireproof material domain holds share of the biggest market. The company is in city of mouth of battalion of Germany, Spain, Canada, our country and other places sets a manufacturer. Post station project covers an area of a face to accumulate 100 thousand square metre, program year production finalizes the design 100 thousand tons and furnace of adventitious cement kiln uses high-grade aluminous fireproof data. </FONT>