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Furnace life of crop of a converter amounts to Tang Gang share domestic advanced
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<FONT&nbspface=Verdana>9 month 24 days of before dawn 4 when whole, tang Gang share a converter completed plant of one steel make friends satisfactorily the production of battle of the 14th furnace. So far, a converter in order to produce 298. The exceedingly good grade that 650 thousand tons of high grade molten steel and the furnace life of 18349 furnace reach domestic advanced level twice, produce fine steel in order to compare last furnace battle more 78. 410 thousand tons, add furnace service the historic breakthrough of 4869 furnace, be record in factory of one steel make friends to build the history of development! One steel of &nbsp<BR> make friends factory this second furnace battle of a converter, begin from Feburary 16, 2006. Since the first day of formal production, this factory decided implementation tall furnace life and complete furnace battle not fettling, fireproof material the 0 ends that spend. In producing practice, they manage meticulously, severe fine operation, insist to measure lining thickness every week, trends masters lining change circumstance, reach lining change situation actually according to production, improve ceaselessly adjust splash broken bits to protect furnace craft parameter. <BR> distributes the productivity of brandish converter to fill, the day that this factory begins from battle of new heat of a heat rises, will produce firmly, high yield and equipment science defend the work that weighs as Chongzhongzhi, through perfecting 3 furnace of " ceaselessly production of 4 machine " organizes 3 machine, 3 furnace mode, aggrandizement working procedure standardizes operation and equipment foundation management, begin post technology to groom in the round with technical training and multiform labor contest, make produce rhythm and manufacturing efficiency to rise significantly, successive creation class is produced, day is produced, the newest production record that produce per month, to create production beautiful accomplishment established solid fundamental </FONT>