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Pottery and porcelain makes progress
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<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> ceramic appears is the important sign that the mankind enters a The Neo-lithic Age, ceramic fire is human afterwards mastered another great success after using internal heat. Argil can model an all sorts of appearance, finalize the design after roast for a kind of solid appliance, this is the origin of pottery and porcelain, all nations on the world were to master the skill that make a surname independently almost. Began relative stability when the mankind farming animal husbandry is resident when the life, earthen cooking implement, food implement, packet needs with respect to what made the living. Chinese pottery and porcelain has the history 8000, be in almost every period, chinese pottery and porcelain is being improved ceaselessly, ceaseless creation, ascend the height of a technology of another pottery and porcelain, innovation gives the product of pottery and porcelain of clever unsurpassed of essence of life. Chinese pottery and porcelain is the close together union of economic culture and science and technology, it is the culture that a kind of content changes. Chinese pottery and porcelain is the Chinese nation is made inside long historical period, the spirit that exploration and art of appreciation pottery and porcelain form and the summation with civilized material. </FONT></DIV>
Contented passed <DIV><BR> to arrive from grey contented, black pottery, white pottery the develops change way of Yin Wen hard contented, ancient painted pottery, also experienced on ceramic modelling by arrive simply complex, arrive by extensive careful, by insipid to vivid advance gradually process. Inchoate contented one of work of the most negative great reputation are to come up out of land the military forces tomb figure that faces hole of be buried with the dead of Huang Ling of Tong Qin Shi at Shaanxi, also call the Qin Dynasty tomb figure. Tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty is located in Shaanxi to face Tong around, it is the one part of imperial tomb of Qin Shi emperor. Begin from 1974, heretofore already disentombed show the hole of 3 tomb figure that tastes a word to arrange, came up out of land the military forces tomb figure of true person size more than 6000, the Tao Ma that has vivid horse volume among them more than 30, chariot 100 Yu Cheng, comprised the museum of tomb figure of the Qin Dynasty with baronial dimensions. Scale of a hole is the largest, 230 meters long, 62 meters wide, deep 5 meters, the area amounts to 14260 square metre, it is brunt dogface battle blast, arranging one by one orderly and martial legionary phalanx, there is powerful and lofty steed between. Pottery figurine has sergeant of soldier, soldier in charge of pack animals, armor, officer, check, the pose has appearance of standing position, kneeling fire. 2 hole slightly small, it is cavalry battle blast, have on chariot 1000. 3 hole are the smallest, only 669 officer and general tomb figure, be like for headquarters. Charge for the making of sth. of these military forces tomb figure are extremely excellent, beard and hair finishs now, countenance is vivid, attitude nature, yi Wen is fluent, show the bearing of dignified of earnest and doughty, bearing, steed also force of strong, labor waits for stocky hair. This figure ground proved technology of Chinese pottery and porcelain reached the level with remarkable what kind at that time! The dark that this is a bodyguard after for Qin Shi emperor dies army, to build it, common people paid bitter price, but the jewellery that also left this to attract worldwide attention for us, be known as " the 8th big miracle of world " ! Currently hold the post ofthe French president, premier Xilake at that time to say: "Do not see pyramid, had not calculated Egypt; Do not see military forces tomb figure, had not calculated China! " &nbsp</DIV>
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