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New bright phearl increases 1.2 billion investment in Gao An
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<FONT&nbspface=Verdana> a few days ago, reporter from Gao An base of provincial ceramics industry is in charge of appoint can learn, before two many months just signed the group of pottery and porcelain of Guangdong new bright phearl that restricted 1.2 billion yuan of investment with government of people of Gao An city, decide 12 to installing ceramics industry base high to increase investment again 100 million, arrange a ceremony at holding a lot on October 29. <BR>&nbsp<BR>Jian Guokang of general manager of limited company of ceramics of new bright phearl of Pi Deyan of mayor of municipal government of Guo An of secretary of Xie Delin of president of group of pottery and porcelain of   Guangdong new bright phearl, Gao An municipal Party committee, Gao An, Jiangxi, Gao An. <BR>&nbsp<BR>  makes an appointment with ceremonially in the autograph that day, install Guo An of secretary of municipal Party committee high to express, gao An general is radiant emitance with the brand effect of limited company of group of pottery and porcelain of Guangdong new bright phearl, with the industry of enterprise of high-end brand tycoon development direction is vane, develop architectural pottery property energetically through recommending more relevant companies, form part stage by stage production of architectural pottery finished product, former complementary makings production is supplied, modern other people flows, machinery of intermediary service, pottery and porcelain, pack wait for the industrial group that is an organic whole, ranggaoan becomes the whole nation to build contented to produce owner to produce a division, make Gao An " mid porcelain city " . <BR>&nbsp<BR>  occupies the introduction, new bright phearl is being installed high two period total investment is amounted to 2.4 billion, always encircle the ground 3500 mus, will build 40 product line finally, produce per year what the quantity amounts to 100 million square metre to exceed large pottery and porcelain to produce base. In addition, still will installing 8 scene high to press down denounce endowment 200 million yuan of build hotel of class of a 4 stars. In the time that is less than 3 months, new bright phearl and Gao An " 2 handclasp " , the new structure that is thought to will produce a division to pottery and porcelain produces far-reaching effect. <BR>&nbsp<BR>  is current, new bright phearl installs the early days foundation that industrial garden prepares to construct high to work to be in ground of in an orderly way to spread out, grand foundation stone laying ceremony went in Gao Anju on November 29 surely first. <BR>&nbsp<BR>Jiangxi of   new bright phearl brings manufacturing base high is company afterwards the completion of garden of 3 water industry 2004 and 2006 after garden of salary pace industry, the first when invest through inspecting as outer as argumentation province with all possible means new and high technology establishs garden of potter course of study, and increase a huge sum this to invest to Gao An again, the ceramics industry that shows Gao An has multiple advantage and development latent capacity, will accelerate the industrial move of look forward to of another name for Guangdong Province and promotion further, can promote Gao Antao to rise abruptly of porcelain industry quickly further more at the same time, will promote pottery and porcelain to produce a division for Gao Anxin strong rise abruptly, became base of the throughout the country's biggest the production that build contented to lay solid foundation. </FONT>
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