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Europe Brunei layout invests a project below 9 rivers and autograph of lucky pro
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<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>11 month 21 days morning, municipal government of prosperous of 9 rivers luck signs limited company of ceramics of Guangdong Europe Brunei and Jiangxi the pottery and porcelain that made an appointment with a total investment to be 1 billion yuan invests a project. Liu Yun of secretary of municipal Party committee of lucky prosperous city and, leader and the honored guest such as Liang Weihong of president of limited company of Ou Wenlai ceramics of Yin Hong of secretary-general of guild of pottery and porcelain of mayor Xiong Qidong, Fosan city, Guangdong attended this second autograph arranges a ceremony and. </FONT></DIV>
The architectural pottery that limited company of ceramics of Brunei of <DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> Guangdong Europe is a modernization produces a business, produce per year of all kinds architectural pottery 2000 much square metre, this project of investment of pottery and porcelain is covered an area of amount to 1080 mus, predict to will build product line of 12 modern large pottery and porcelain, 3 minute years construction is finished, predicting first phase project will be in in July 2008 portion building put into production, basically produce the building product such as polishing brick, archaize brick. Be based on market position and strategy to adjust, this project of Europe Brunei investment belongs to the manufacturing base that first time outer province builds, also be the company of the first ceramics that city of Jiangxi luck prosperous recommends. The key layout place that is pair of prospective strategy programs more needs. </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana> it is reported, ou Wenlai is located in lucky prosperous dock to press down in the base of lucky prosperous new territory, and dock town is Jiangxi province in river of edge of establishment of 9 rivers city (the Yangtse River) the bibcock town of military importance that the strategy develops, be decided to be Jiangxi to save pottery and porcelain to export treatment base, also be one of base of exit of complete province building materials at the same time. Ou Wenlai this layout Jiangxi, not only with its headquarters 3 water produce base photograph echo, the advantage is complementary, compose builds a good company strategy structure, can form the intensity radiate effect to China and global market and, in river of section chief of lucky prosperous ground downstream south bank, the Yangtse River of boreal front of a garment " gold aqueduct " , haven city is connected east 9 rivers, traffic is convenient, area the advantage is clear, and lucky prosperous mineral resources is very substantial if marble, dolomite, calcite, steatitic, limestone, coal, sulfur, magnesium is qualitative,the Tao Qichang such as clay, porcelain clay uses raw material, outside dividing environment of form a complete set of the good resource that analyses this area, hardware, more put strategic view in this area to go up to the radiate of market of pottery and porcelain of world of Chinese down to. </FONT></DIV>
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