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To 2012 value of market of coating of North America pottery and porcelain will b
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A new technical market of BCC company studies <FONT&nbspface=Verdana> basis report, market of coating of high-powered pottery and porcelain reachs North America to will be as high as 1.9 billion dollar 2012, market value was 1 3 2006 100 million dollars, predicted to increase to 1.4 billion dollar 2007, predict in future 5 annual and compound increase rate are 6.0% . Market fractionize is thermal spraying, deposit of physical gas phase (PVD) , deposit of chemical gas phase (CVD) technology and other technology, among them market of dominate exclusively of thermal spraying coating, hold the sale total of 65% about. Deposit of chemical gas phase holds share of the 2nd big market, occupied about 2006 16% , predict to 2012 this one scale will drop for 14% . Deposit of physical gas phase holds share of the 3rd big market, mixed 2006 general stability maintains between 2012, market share is in summary prep above 12% levels. Other painting technology, be like spray / dipping process, sol - gel, small oxidation and laser assist a technology, market share will have rapidder growth, will from 2006 7% increase to 2012 9% the left and right sides. </FONT>