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Dust catcher of to decoke of kiln of large industry furnace is born in Shandong
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By Shandong institute of project of environmental protection of group of new ore deposit and Shandong Mount Taishan are built can the large furnace kiln that company joint research and development produces and dust catcher of boiler to decoke, passed expert appraisal recently. The expert thinks, the technical level of desulphurization dust catcher is in lead position in home. This plants   dust catcher of new-style to decoke is the flue gas containing dirt that discharges furnace kiln or boiler, the gush in classics dust catcher drenchs the lye below mixes adequately, in collision, inertial, soak, below the convection, mechanism action that diffuse and purifies, take off from inside flue gas wait for harmful impurity except dirt and 2 oxidation sulfur, give by-product via the depart after water treatment next -- , gesso. This dust catcher collect removes dust, desulphurization at an organic whole, dissociable still give by-product gesso, have purify efficiency effect of tall, environmental protection is apparent wait for a characteristic, it is large the ideal flue gas purifying device such as boiler of coal fired of industry of kiln of the furnace that make a brick, power, industry.