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Chinese electron says to 400 enterprises are compressed inside year
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<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>Company of group of Information Industry of electron of delegate of National People's Congress of   whole nation, China (next weighing " Chinese electron " ) force of Xiong Qun of secretary of president, leading Party group expresses, chinese electron is spreading out " thin body, powerful body " motion, hope future can finish big structural adjustment and industry to adjust inside 3 years. <BR><BR>  falls in this one target, chinese electron plan compresses the subordinate enterprise of 50% inside year, compression enterprise amount achieves many 400. Introduce according to Xiong Qun force, so far, chinese electron had compressed many 90 enterprise, this means the time that begins to be less than to the end of the year one year from now in, still need to compress many 300 enterprise again. <BR><BR>  China electron includes 13 to appear on the market at present company, among them 9 inland appear on the market company and the company appears on the market outside 4 family circumstances, and many 700 blame appears on the market company. Summerly new electron (software of A(000032.SZ) of 600057.SH) , deep Sang Da, China (panda of 600536.SH) , Nanjing (600775.SH) is its subsidiary. <BR><BR>  although the scale of Chinese electron is very large, but in last few years development, benefit is not special ideal, summer is for instance new panda of electron, Nanjing appear on the market subsidiary appeared relatively substantially deficit. <BR><BR>Force of   Xiong Qun expresses, chinese electron had decided " 3 1 " development strategy, highlight further advocate course of study. "3 1 " medium " 3 " the core parts of an apparatus or appliance that basically includes integrated circuit and electronic field, software and system are compositive and product of relevant war industry electron, "1 " it is product pointing to 3C, include mobile and family expenses to consume kind of electron product. <BR><BR>The main way that these 4 business make   recombine at present, chinese electron will increase resource allocation strength, to advocate the industry besides course of study, through adjusting, make its around advocate industry grows; To both neither be advocate course of study, also follow advocate the industry that course of study does not have associated sex should be exited stage by stage, xiong Qun force generalizes the feature of this kind of industry for " blame advocate course of study, blame seeks profits, cannot accuse " . <BR><BR>  as to exit means, xiong Qun force says, one kind is with advocate course of study undertakes recombining, around advocate course of study is adjusted; It is congener industry undertakes compression next, amalgamative, change runs way, encourage what civilian battalion etc runs way to intervene; The 3rd, compare good resource to Chinese electron, do not belong to again at the same time advocate the industry of estate category, the state-owned capital fund that can provide according to the country transfers pattern, give the market. <BR><BR>  " appear on the market company share also can undertake adjustment according to this kind of train of thought. " force of   Xiong Qun thinks, in the development in the past, each companies are relatively independent, from group level for, resource is relatively dispersive, scope effect comes out now without body, each subsidiary will find the development that is a group his fixed position henceforth. <BR><BR>  " from long-term in light of, conformity of will subordinate mobile phone enterprise arrives is a trend together, but specific when, still want to see market opportunity, this is the problem of a special market. " he thinks. <BR><BR>  comes from: </FONT></DIV></DIV of China mechanically-laid web>
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