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"Qiong three-color glazed pottery " : Become silent of Qiong kiln expect
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 3 month 17 days, "Qiong kiln big relics protects a project " start formally.  
<P><FONT&nbspcolor=#000080>How does   underground cultural relic make be protected on the ground? The way that the cultural relic protection of city of this Qiong Lai and photograph of construction of new rural area tie -- , the accrete of pursuit city, relics, person and environment -- , whether to go so that connect? &nbsp</FONT>
<P><FONT&nbspcolor=#000080>Before  1000 is old, its Ceng Yin " Qiong three-color glazed pottery " and wind < ! - - ADV_CONTENT- - > light is infinite. Nowadays, become silent long already Qiong kiln, how to anabiosis? </FONT>&nbsp
<STRONG> steps <P>   visit: Find brilliant Qiong pit and do not encounter </STRONG>&nbsp
<P>  this is one place did not carry the civilian kiln at ancient document, but it adapted China is ancient history of pottery and porcelain. Regrettablly nowadays sees it too hard.  
<P>"Big city burns porcelain light and firm, if Ai Yujin city is passed,buckle. Jun Jiabai bowl gets the better of frost snow, send Mao Zhai urgently to also be had pity on. " sit on the car that heads for Qiong Lai, chant of Zhang Chao light tone wears Sichuan college teacher of Du Fu " be in bowl of china of beg big city at Wei again " , tell the person of the same trade's friend, "In the poem ' big city ' , qiong city is belonged to in Tang Dynasty fact, with respect to the Qiong Lai that is today. "  
<P>  was on March 22 this day, on Saturday, sunshine is bright. Visit goes to Zhang Chao and friends just about Qiong Lai, want to see the Qiong kiln with long already dream.  
<P>After   gets off, zhang Chao asked way one row to passerby, down south river side goes to Qiong kiln. But, they went all the way, the wood big canopy that sees the hill that is surrounded by abatis is wrapped and be built on hill bag only, and gules enclosure and " countrywide key cultural relic protects an unit " mark, still have the hill slope of Zhu Mucong Long. "How also looking to give here is scene 800 old Qiong kiln. " disappointed, they turn to Pinglegu to press down amuse oneself.  
<P>  Zhang Chao does not know, the hill package that they see is Qiong kiln a kiln wraps 10 square hall relics. This year in January, institute of archaeology of Chengdu cultural relic and place of canal of article of Qiong Lai city disentomb hereat once more, discovered a complete dragon kiln again unexpectedly, kiln height 42 meters, add around counterfort, dragon kiln length exceeds 60 meters. In addition, still came up out of land on 10 thousand repairable china.  
<P>"Qiong kiln is very magical. " Huang Xiaofeng of deputy researcher of institute of archaeology of Chengdu cultural relic tells a reporter, "Differ with the civilian kiln such as calm kiln, your kiln, qiong kiln is one place does not see the kiln location at any archaic document account. "  
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