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The applied general situation of heating furnace of type of domestic accumulatio
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<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>Network of   China steely news reported the last few years is our country iron and steel on August 9, 2007 the industry grows period greatly, company of large section iron because product structural adjustment, build or rebuild the project is tropics, medium for the most part thick board reach besmear of cold rolling, galvanization, colour to wait. The place is medium or small with civilian battalion iron and steel the enterprise is construction and manufacturing marvellous wire, narrow more in the product such as broadband and profiled bar. </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>What   builds in last few years is medium or small steely factory, "Snowball " type develops, by small arrive in, develop to produce per year further millions of ton the large company of steely product. These enterprise majority do not build Jiao Lu, in the fuel of steel rolling heating furnace the choice encounters a problem. The heating furnace of little output still can burn coal or coal fines, but because work,conditional extreme difference pollutes an environment badly again, be restricted. Build steel rolling product line to produce per year hundred thousands of tons namely at every turn, even 1 million tons, pursuit is big are weighed, tall become a useful person rate; Crop of heating furnace hour about a hundred tons, heating preform length is the shortest 6m, it is 9m commonly, 12m, the longest amount to 16m; Heat quality demand is high, control of billet difference in temperature is in 30 ℃ . Accordingly, heating furnace burns coal again, be completely unworkable on the technology. Burn heat dirty gas because technological arrangement is difficult, also be restricted; Can choose to burn heavy oil, but moving cost is high. And what these company place build is small, medium what blast furnace arises is redundant and gas, if be not used and be forced diffuse, pollute an environment already, waste the sources of energy again. Just meet right now, burn the technology of heating furnace of type of accumulation of heat with gas blast furnace to appear. Technology of this heat exchange combustion that has Chinese distinguishing feature is in medium, small-sized steely enterprise very quickly to receive promotion application. From July 1997 this technical application succeeds up to now, heating furnace of type of accumulation of heat is built in steely enterprise not less than hundreds of, technology of heat exchange of type of accumulation of heat gets perfect and maturing stage by stage in the application of heating furnace domain. </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>&nbsp applies general situation </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>The application of technology of heat exchange of type of accumulation of heat of domain of steel rolling of   steely enterprise, from furnace model go up cent: Have heating furnace of the type that choose steel; The pace enters bridge type heating furnace; Furnace of car bottom type; Soaking furnace; Bell furnace; Strip is continuous heat treatment furnace and the roast facility that smelt joins casting field. </FONT></DIV>
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