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Equipment of heat treatment technology develops trend and market prospect
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<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>&nbsp 1 does not have oxidation less to heat technology and the big trend </FONT></DIV> that equiping still is industry development
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>&nbsp (1 ) </FONT></DIV> of equipment of vacuum heat treatment
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>Technology of   vacuum heat treatment is had without the oxidation, advantage that does not have decarbonization and small distortion, also be technology of contemporary heat treatment one of main marks of advanced sex, in war industry of aerospace, arms, electron especially the application of the industry such as the mould is wider and wider, yield of annual heat treatment furnace makes an appointment with 500. On one hand, market of equipment of vacuum heat treatment is very big; On the other hand, equipment supplies a businessman much also. Market competition is intense make a businessman improve product quality further, strengthen service consciousness. The vacuum furnace manufacturer that enters this second exhibition adds up to 20, abroad manufacturer and domestic company basically take an in part each. Furnace of Yi Pusen industry (Shanghai) limited company, Germany IVA(inereasingly) industrial furnace company of BMI of company of PVA of company of SCHMETZ of joint-stock company of industry of vacuum of JH(JapanHayes)Corporation of limited company, Japan, ALD, Germany, Germany, France, ECM, Kangsake company. If JH(JapanHayes) company showed skill of acetylene vacuum cementite, french ECM company introduced technology of low-pressure vacuum cementite, product of German SCHMETZ company enrages system of refrigeration of furnace of temper by dipping in water and two-way and cooling system, deepness to be specialty with high pressure, basically use at industry pattern industry; Joint-stock company of ALD vacuum industry also is the vacuum furnace manufacturer of an old brand, main product has sheet double room, modular furnace of oil of gas of cementite of vacuum maximum pressure; The main product of German PVA company has furnace of high temperature vacuum and stove of drill rod solder, french BMI main product has stove of furnace of vacuum of temper by dipping in water of tall calm sb's anger, oily temper by dipping in water and low-pressure cementite, nitriding, the company shows Kang Sake subject should amount to group company, basically produce all sorts of vacuum heat treatment furnace, precision of control of its furnace temperature is tall, basically use at aerospace industry, build a plant without stannum in home recently. Development of technology of equipment of domestic vacuum heat treatment is very rapid, with quality advantage of excellent, price and good service gained the market. 7 stars of the 2nd institute of Beijing Electromechanical institute, company of group of Chinese electron science and technology, Beijing China achieve technology of Hua Xiang electric stove of company of furnace of electronic Inc. industry, Beijing furnace of industry of vacuum of Hua Haizhong friendship makes finite liability company, Beijing limited company, Beijing Yiximu, among them quality of facility of place of Beijing Electromechanical research and performance of respect of service of whole set engineering technology are outstanding, while limited company of equipment of Electromechanical of general of contest of tool of Han Zhonghan river is making equipment, again heat treatment machines a service. Vacuum of the north in loving hair family (Shenyang) limited company is the joint-stock company that establishs by limited company of technology of vacuum of the north in company limited of Japanese vacuum technique and Shenyang, collect vacuum is obtained, vacuum measures equipment and vacuum application equipment to be an organic whole, the product has vacuum sintering furnace and vacuum heat treatment furnace, basically face IT equipment line of business and new material equipment. </FONT></DIV>
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