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Justice city deadline closes Shanxi province filial piety stop contaminative com
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<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>  for solid push project of water of blue sky green jade, effective punish industry is polluted, body and mind of cogent safeguard citizen is healthy, union of city of filial piety justice is concrete, to the cooking inside whole town limits, coal washing, chemical industry, be able to bear or endure the 8 large trades such as material have deadline repair, job of the processing that amount to mark was finished before the bottom in October, exceed the time limit will close stop ban. </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>&nbsp(one) cooking enterprise <BR>Part of   waste gas: Safeguard of environmental protection of perfect stock storage yard is built, fixed aspersion. Coal of anxious furnace outfit, roof, furnace door, push Jiao Cai to remove dust with the ground receive a station, of the generation in assuring to install coal to give anxious course without the organization Jiao Lu flue gas is achieved the organization amounts to mark to discharge. Build desulphurization establishment, use ammonia to decompose device of furnace, to decoke to undertake depurative handling to waste gas. Extinguish Jiao Dacai is folded with wooden format stream attack device. <BR>Part of   liquid waste: Coal washing workshop section builds accident pool, make sure coal washing water is complete closed circuit circulates, after the powdery anxious precipitation in extinguish anxious liquid waste, the loop after residual ammonia water and evaporate ammonia liquid waste are handled is used. Monitoring and warning device of <BR> installation waste gas, liquid waste and corresponding control and call the police system. <BR> solid abandons a part: Waste rock, slime, medium coal asks by the design appropriate is handled or use integratedly, fluid of incomplete of tar broken bits, odd mud, to decoke needs mix into to burn coking plant. <BR>  noise respect: Ask strictly according to the design, add the establishment of noise prevention and cure such as shock attenuation device of outfit noise elimination. <BR>  factory allows factory appearance: Do well plant area afforest, beautification, sclerotic, stock piles up neat and orderly. </FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT&nbspface=Verdana>&nbsp(2) <BR of coal washing enterprise>Part of  1, waste gas: Build in raw coal field 8 meters tall or the wall of dirt of the curb that block wind that tower above raw coal piles 3 meters. In vibrating separator, crusher place installation falls dirt establishment, make waste gas amounts to mark to discharge. <BR>Part of  2, liquid waste: Coal washing advocate choose craft to arrange increase floatation, filter-press to manufacture technology, shrink greatly according to requirement setting the equipment such as machine, ensure water of the slime below any condition realizes one class closed circuit to be discharged nothing more than circularly. Build lash-up accident pool. <BR> 3, solid abandons a part: Coal of waste rock, end and slime should stipulate by the design special performance piles up or use integratedly. <BR>Respect of  4, noise: According to the design plan asks, install establishment of noise elimination damping. <BR> 5, factory allows factory appearance: Do well plant area afforest, beautification, sclerotic, stock piles up neat and orderly. </FONT></DIV>
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