The design of system of personal computer of kiln of channel of pottery and porc
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One, those who dominate program is affirmatory

1, the structural characteristic of channel kiln and craft requirement

(1) structural characteristic

Channel kiln is full-length 61 meters, among them warm-up belt is 21 rice, firing belt it is 24.4 meters for 15.6 rice, cooling zone. Firing belt set kiln of 8 pairs of combustion in all, burner uses burner of scale of complete sirocco pulverization, oxidation atmosphere is firing, chimney nature smoke evacuation, firing and main product is ceramic of series coloured glaze, firing and periodic about 20 hours.

(2) craft requirement

According to labour section art asks in all set measure a place 38 times, among them:

Temperature 26 bits, among them firebox temperature at 16 o'clock, the temperature inside kiln at 10 o'clock, detect with thermocouple, compensation lead is deferent signal;

Pressure at 9 o'clock, control, detect choose profound difference to press respectively change send implement (DBC-110) change with Huo Er send implement (YSH-1/3) ;

Flue gas contains oxygen to measure at 1 o'clock, use analyzer of Z0-113 intelligence zirconia to detect show, send STD labour to accuse machine;

Oil is lukewarm detect at 1 o'clock; Capacity of bad news oil accused in STD labour at 1 o'clock undertake accumulative in machine.

Product craft asks the temperature of kiln, pressure distributings, the control technology index of the value of superfluous coefficient A is air:

Furnace temperature 950 ℃ - 1350 ℃ ;

Firebox of # of 1 # ~3 is set-point ± 12 ℃ ;

Firebox of # of 4 # ~6 is set-point ± 10 ℃ ;

Firebox of # of 7 # ~8 is set-point ± 7 ℃ ;

Kiln is lukewarm firing belt advocate spend occasionally be worth ± for the target 4 ℃ ;

Kiln pressing is firing the ± 1.5Pa that takes two upright pressure to be set-point;

Flue gas contains oxygen to measure control to be in 6~8 % ;

The temperature that offer oil is set-point ± 3 ℃ ;

The pressure that offer oil is set-point ± 0.05Mpa.

2, the characteristic analysis of the object

Via characteristic to temperature parameter analysis, its concern can express to be:
(2) the Kij in type is deliver matrix, described kiln system transmit character, it besides the structure that relies on kiln body, still wait for an element to concern with the goods that enter pit, speed that take a car. Think the change of Kij is very small normally, because this wants to ensure only precision of combustion temperature pilot, the kiln that always can get wish is lukewarm distributinging curve. Its control casing to see a picture 1.
If the set-point of this system is the temperature of each monitoring point (in all at 8 o'clock) , and the set-point Ri that charges a point each can adjust subsequently, the much more variable regulating system clustering form that if the graph is shown 2 times,forms.
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