The heat exchanger that heat up a canal is in industrial kiln furnace (smelting
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One, the application that tubal heat exchanger heats up in industrial boiler

The moving efficiency of boiler of our country industry is general and inferior, compare design efficiency low 8~10% normally, main reason is smoke evacuation temperature tall, excessive air coefficient is too big, grey broken bits contains carbon the quantity is exorbitant; Have boiler of a kind of small-sized industry additionally, basically be the small boiler that shows capacity 2t/h is the following, the rear did not set heating surface, smoke evacuation temperature is higher, but 250 ℃ . Accordingly, use the heat exchanger that heat up a canal to reclaim flue gas beyond is hot, drop smoke evacuation temperature in order to improve boiler efficiency, have very good perspective.

1, heat up those who be in charge of heat exchanger and groovy heat exchanger to match

Do not have caudal heating surface besides small-sized industry boiler outside, shape of rear of boiler of most small-sized industry has cast-iron economizer, rear of large industry boiler reachs intake air heater of steel tube air of steel tube economizer. When with convention heat exchanger is applying, the heat exchanger that heat up a canal can match together, they have a characteristic each. For example cast-iron economizer application is wide, its advantage is: Durable, bear pressure (water supply pump can be installed enter the mouth in economizer) , the price is low; Defect is: Big, over all dimension blocks weight up more greatly, easily grey, structure is complex (by costal region piece canal and cast-iron bend join and become) . The economizer that heat up a canal is able to bear or endure it is good that microtherm corrodes function, below condition of temperature of same flue gas, the wall is lukewarm taller, structure compact, bulk small, weight is light, obstruction of flue gas side can be designed lesserly; Its defect is: The price is higher, normally water side is often press. Cast-iron economizer and hot tube economizer are to have actor drawback each, if be the boiler that does not have economizer so, we advocate installation heats up tubal economizer; If be the boiler that already had cast-iron economizer so, we advocate installation heats up tubal heat exchanger (air intake air heater or economizer) , with already cast-iron economizer matchs use, and do not demolish like that iron economizer, specific application form decides according to actual condition. We leave air intake air heater alone to be in especially like that after iron economizer, it suits to be used at having like that the small-sized industry boiler of iron economizer is transformed.
Depart heat is in charge of heat exchanger

To the industrial boiler of 4t/h above, the rear already reached intake air heater of steel tube air of steel tube economizer, if smoke evacuation temperature is more than,heat exchanger of the canal that hold heat can be being added ever since when 180 ℃ .
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