Tutorial of metallic heat treatment
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Metallic heat treatment is appropriate temperature heats in putting metallic work in certain medium, after proper time holding in temperature here, a kind of technique that cools with different speed again.

Metallic heat treatment is machinery makes one of medium vital technology, machine craft photograph to compare with other, heat treatment does not change the chemical class status of the appearance of workpiece and whole commonly, pass the microstructure that changes workpiece interior however, or the chemical class status that changes workpiece face, gift or improve the performance characteristics of workpiece. Its characteristic is the immanent quality that improves work, and commonly naked eye can not see this.

The mechanical property that needs to make metallic workpiece has place, physics function and chemical function, except reasonable choose material and outside all sorts of figuration craft, heat treatment craft often is indispensable. Iron and steel is the data with the most extensive application in machinist job, steely microstructure is complex, can give through heat treatment control, so steely heat treatment is the main content of metallic heat treatment. Additional, aluminous, copper, magnesian, titanium reach its alloy to also can pass heat treatment to change its mechanical, physics and chemical function, in order to gain distinct performance characteristics.

In from Stone Age progress arrives in the process of bronze ware times and ironware times, the action of heat treatment is people place to know gradually. Be in early BC before 770 ~ 222 years, the Chinese already discovered in producing practice, the function of cupreous iron can be affected because of temperature and pressurization metabolic and change. White mouth is cast-iron soft the vital technology that changes processing to make farm tool namely.

BC 6 centuries, steely enginery is used gradually, to raise the hardness of steel, quench craft gets developing quickly then. Two swords that Chinese Heibei province comes up out of land below easy county swallow and a halberd, there is martensite to exist in its microstructure, the course quenchs the specification.

As quench technical development, people discovers cryogen is right gradually quench the influence of quality. Shaanxi of Ceng Zaijin of Puyuan of person of Sichuan of the Three Kingdoms is inclined bright forge of Gu Weizhu arrowroot 3000 knives, according to legend sends a person to take water to quench to Chengdu. This explains China notices the cooling power of different water quality in ancient time, also noticed the cooling power of oil and make water at the same time. The Western Han Dynasty that China comes up out of land (BC the sword in grave of king of pacify of Zhongshan of 24) of 206 ~ the Christian era, core contains carbolic quantity to be 0.15 ~ 0.4% , and the surface contains carbolic quantity to amount to 0.6% above however, the specification already used cementite technology. But serve as an individual at that time " craft " secret, outside agreeing, pass, progress is very consequently slow.
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