The induction heats the new progress of technology of high frequency power sourc
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1, foreword

The induction heats using technology of intermediate frequency power source is through brilliant brake is in charge of or the electric power semiconductor device such as MOSFET or IGBT will be versed in frequency (50Hz) commutation is intermediate frequency (the technology of 400Hz~200kHz) , because it has control way is quick, output power is great, efficiency relatively aircrew is tall, metabolic running frequency is convenient wait for an advantage, won wide application in the industry such as building materials, metallurgy, national defence, railroad, oil so. The article wants to pursue the development history of our country this domain, introduce its to develop the current situation, discuss its to develop a tendency then.

2, the induction heats the development course of technology of high frequency power source in using

The development that numerous unit participates in 70 time studies 2.1 20 century period

Review our country induction to heat the development history that uses intermediate frequency power source, we can generalize its development the develops research period, 80 time maturity that is 70 time the big range of applied period, 90 time of evening of promotion period, 20 centuries raise function period.

Induction of development of semiconductor device of electric power of our country application heats the history of high frequency power source in using but restrospect to 20 centuries 70 time, accompanying what brake of the first brilliant of our country was in charge of 1963 to come out, 1970 development of or so our country went fast brilliant brake to be in charge of, a lot of units of or so our country began brilliant brake to provide the research of intermediate frequency power source 1972, the development that can say numerous seventies unit participates in 20 centuries research period lifted heat of intermediate frequency of domestic first time. The unit that hot main performance is engaged in the intermediate frequency of this one period this one domain studies and be being developed is much, the core parts of an apparatus of this period application is canal of fast brilliant brake, its dominate circuit is the much block control that makes by numerous discrete element board structure of plug-in unit box, make the limitation of engineering technology as a result of brilliant brake control at the same time, the block that because fast brilliant brake is in charge of,decided main circuit structure breaks compression not quite tall, however canal of two brilliant brake or series connection of canal of 3 brilliant brake form inversion bridge arm, the measure that uses pipe of fast brilliant brake is 8 or 12, accompanying what fast brilliant brake is in charge of inevitably to all control a network consequently, ought to see what this period is in charge of as a result of brilliant brake first pass time at the same time cannot too short, the output frequency that decided intermediate frequency power source so cannot tall; Secondly, the dynamic parameter Dv/dt that is in charge of as a result of fast brilliant brake and Di/dt are not very tall, the network that Dv/dt and Di/dt restrict in causing a system is giant and complex; The 3rd, as a result of whole brilliant brake in this phase tubal dependability is returned very not ideal (domestic play is called at that time " terrible silicon " ) , deciding power source of intermediate frequency of this one phase is lab product more, what apply in industry is very few still.
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