Steely industry cleanness is produced -- converter is lost can steel-making engi
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One, what belong to industry iron and steel

2, technical name converter is lost can steel-making engineering technology

3, technical type is energy-saving technology

4, suitable scope is large and medium-sized converter steel-making enterprise

5, technical content

1, technical principle

Converter implementation is lost can steel-making is the important sign that measures a modern steelworks to produce technical standard, converter is lost can the total energy that steel-making means converter steelmaking process to use up is less than reclaiming total energy, namely specific power consumption of converter steelmaking process is less than 0. The energy of the defray in process of converter steelmaking process basically includes: Oxygen, nitrogen, Jiao Lu gas, report and steam of the plant outside using, and the energy that converter reclaims basically includes: Converter is gas reclaim with vapour. Traditional " lose can steel-making technology " the definition is idea of a project, the skill that reflected smoke of manufacturing process converter to enrage energy-saving, environmental protection to be used integratedly is compositive.

2, technological process

Converter is lost can steel-making engineering technology is reflected in converter production technological process, energy change index from use up the part comes with defray part convert. This technology technological process includes pull current Cheng and pay of the sources of energy / reclaim use technical technological process.

Put forward to lose at first can when steel-making technology, definition of converter steelmaking process comes to take a plant from molten iron the converter that casting platform connects on molten steel produces whole process. Develop as steel-making technology, the steelworks increased the new technology such as the fine outside pretreatment of molten iron to decoke, furnace, and the fine outside furnace especially LF furnace specific power consumption is taller, integral computation, implementation is lost can steel-making difficulty increases greatly, but from promotion level of technology of converter steel-making whole sets out, the evaluation is lost can steel-making technology level should include the fine outside furnace to wait.
6, main facility

Converter steel manufactures technology must pretreatment of manufacturing facilities molten iron by furnace, top answer the finery outside blowing converter, furnace, still should include converter gas purify processing, utilization of waste heat and converter gas use wait for equipment. The law that be like OG wet remove dust the dry type such as equipment or LT law removes dust equipment, remove dust fan, more than heat boiler, reclaim hot equipment of physics of converter flue gas and all sorts of converter are gas use technical equipment to wait.
7, main technique economic norms
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