Improve the technology building furnace of life of lining of intermediate freque
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One, introductive

Intermediate frequency basically depends on without the high temperature capability of lining of core induction furnace the physics that uses fireproof data, chemical function and mineral composition, in Yuan Fucai the premise of makings make choice of falls, agglomeration craft is to make lining obtains good microstructure structure to divide play in order to fill its are high temperature resistant of function crucial working procedure. Of lining agglomeration compact the chemical composition that turns degree and fireproof material, granuality deserves to compare, the element such as agglomeration craft and firing temperature is concerned. What my factory passes more than 20 years is ceaseless fumble and produce a test, summary gave technology of sound the knot that build furnace and roast agglomeration technology, make furnace life rises substantially, the furnace life of lining of knot of dry type of furnace of 2T intermediate frequency (via in long) be as high as 1157 furnace second, obtained remarkable economic benefits.

2, the craft that build furnace

Paper of mica of the 1 take out when building furnace.

2 pairs build furnace to use crystal stone Ying Sha to undertake as follows handling:

2.1 hand-picked: Content of main purify lump reachs other impurity;

2.2 magnetic separation: Must impurity of complete purify magnetism;

2.3 dry type pound dozen of makings: Must undertake slow drying is handled, stoving temperature is 200 ℃ - 300 ℃ , heat preservation 4 hours of above.

Of 3 binder choose: The anhydride that use boron (B2O3) replaces boric acid (H3BO3) make binder, join a quantity to be 1.1% - 1.5% .

Of the 4 material that build furnace choose reach deserve to compare:

Of the 4.1 material that build furnace choose: Should notice, not be all SiO2 ≥ the quartz of 99% is arenaceous all can use as material of inductive furnace lining, important is quartz grain size, grain is bulkier, crystal lattice blemish has been jumped over lesser, (if crystal quartz is arenaceous SiO2 purity is tall, outside whiteness, transparent. ) furnace size is larger, taller to the requirement of grain.

4.2 deserve to compare: Lining uses quartz arenaceous deserve to compare: 6 - 8 eye 10% - 15% , 10 - 20 eye 25% - 30% , 20 - 40 eye 25% - 30% , 270 eye 25% - 30% .

The knot of 5 lining: Stand or fall of lining knot quality matters to agglomeration quality directly. Particle size distribution won't produce arenaceous bead equably when knot slant analyse, the arenaceous layer after knot sends density tall, the odds that crackle produces after agglomeration drops, be helpful for improving service life of inductive furnace lining.

Lining of knot of 5.1 dry type (it is without core induction furnace with 2t intermediate frequency exemple) : The application of coil insulation puddle: 2t intermediate frequency encircles besmear Fu to have insulation puddle layer without the induction of core induction furnace. The photograph such as the insulating material mica that uses normally with inductive road, spun glass cloth is compared, puddle of use coil insulation is like next advantage: Xi of  of Xi of Shan of Wei of  of show off bluff holds the post of? - the layer of coil insulation puddle of 15mm has good insulation property, completely replaceable mica and spun glass cloth, the insulation covering layer between appropriative coil and lining; The coefficient of thermal conductivity of daub material is taller, the three-layer that need not fear relative to thicker puddle the layer can affect hot side lining writtens guarantee. The 2nd, daub layer is located in between coil and heat-insulation layer, below normal circumstance, environmental temperature is very low (300 ℃ of < , layer of the puddle when now and then metallic fluid nears its surface can release a few leftover moisture content, make insulation resistance is reduced, the system is offerred inchoate call the police. The 3rd, use daub itself prep above of 1800 ℃ fireproof degree, should now and then metallic fluid leakage arrives when its surface, daub can provide protective screen of a protection to coil, should appear when calling the police, daub layer can provide proper trouble removal time. The 4th, the furnace that gives form to containing a bottom to support, make puddle the appearance that contains taper, avoided the friction of lining and coil, use its intensity to undertake fixed to coil at the same time, avoided coil to be being used and be built, the process that tear open furnace is out of shape mediumly, prolonged the service life of coil. The 5th, coil and daub layer serve as furnace always igneous line, although one-time cost is high, construction cycle is long, but its service life is OK as identical as coil, also can undertake local repair, because this was reduced whole,build furnace cost.
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