Kiln and fuel
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Be in order of above of before kiln 3 months, because of its unlike gas or electric equipment, the operation is handy. The origin of lumber is a very serious problem, this includes supply stability, of character cooperate to spend, carry, carry etc. A lot of people care the sort of lumber quite it seems that, think lovesickness wood or deal can be brought up fall specificly grey colour and lustre. Each tree is planted the part that its differ is characteristic, but the element of the effect place be decided by of kiln is too much, the force that establishs kind of amid does not send Wu Tai big, it is the character of lumber, just should be asked, for example the proportion of lumber, accident degree of finish, male dry degree, each phase that make a fire, due its are different the lumber of character demand.

The wood that uses for the most part is to contain material place (sawmill) the waste that reduces or it is the flotsam that pack, and do not abstain from use any material to plant, want quality only accord with OK, can choose miscellaneous wood waste. The reason keeps problem and cost problem in Wu Huan, normally these should discard, or be large quantities of be sold appropriative industry to light bavin. Because the cost of this fuel is able to reduce as far as possible. Additional, the bavin of the whole world burns worker to have a consensus, that cuts a tree for kiln anything but namely, it is with the United States exemple, the tree that topples with draw materials nature is a principle. Of the character that cast bavin choose constant because of the person different, every time is chosen have its special effect, for example:

1. Bulky [heavier] lumber is usable will regard as the foundation with hot cultivate.

2. Petty [lighter, relatively male] lumber combustion rate is high, warm up fast, high temperature casts bavin easier raise is cindery.

3. Wet lumber can use the effect with special processing.

The process of kiln is a platoon the key of another success or failure is nodded beyond kiln, it also is bavin burns the portion of the richest glamour in creation, also be most illusive part. One has the person that the bavin of experience is burned, can finish in platoon kiln while, the design gives what what he wants to make a fire process, for example the day number of head office Cheng, high temperature dot reachs the position that holds lukewarm place and time length, the clear chaotic of atmosphere (reductive or oxidation is burned) , or the opportunity that side fire delivers bavin and weight are waited a moment. Make a fire the design of the process with respect to the design as discharging kiln general, it is the important way that burns effect fruit to achieve, and be can develop author idea adequately most. Had those who be clear about to make a fire after the plan, the key of kiln is to be in namely dominate this plan at the palm. Accordingly he should be sober and dedicated go knowing all states inside kiln, examine knows the attitude with perseverance is one of requirement, because temporarily temperature rises,do not fall and excessive excitement or insecurity. Greener is easier such, because of the change of the process, temperature issues concussion on the meeting, cause in a frantic rush, cast bavin blindly, get half the result with twice the effort.
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