The fine outside furnace asks character with the material of fireproof material
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The fine outside furnace is the important segment that acquires high quality to connect cast steel water. Now " converter casting of in succession of the fine outside one furnace " or " electric stove casting of in succession of the fine outside one furnace " already became the pattern that uses more generally.
Because the fine outside furnace uses fireproof data located working environment is very harsh, accordingly, ask its must have following property:
(1) falls in high temperature and vacuum, of fireproof material oneself volatile want small.
(2) falls in vacuum, be able to bear or endure of boiling molten steel erode and erode.
(3) is had taller thermomechanical function.
(4) has good heatproof shake sex.
In home at present device of the fine outside common furnace basically has: Vacuum of RH, DH takes off gas unit, LF, VAD, AOD and ASEA, SKF fine bag. The fireproof data that they use basically has: Tall aluminous brick, magnesian chromic brick, corundum is pouring brick of makings, magnesian carbon and dolomite brick.
Below high temperature and vacuum, the stability order of oxide of a few kinds of fireproof material is as follows:
Can see from this, the characteristic of tall aluminous brick is, evaporate not easily below high temperature and vacuum and dissociation, stability is better, but its fight aggressivity to be planted as other brick, reason can be used in the area of low corrode caustic of device of the fine outside furnace, also contrast economy so.
The characteristic of magnesian chromic brick is to fight broken bits sex to had been compared, but the condition of 1.2 is more than to fall in slaggy alkalinity, be inferior to magnesia brick and dolomite brick. Heatproof shake performance is better than tall aluminous brick, magnesia brick, but be inferior to dolomite brick. High temperature stability is inferior to tall aluminous brick and dolomite brick.