Those who consider heat treatment is energy-saving with environmental protection
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As the development of our country economy, the heat treatment amount in manufacturing industry is accompanying the development of manufacturing industry to also grow day and day, the report says to 21 centuries initial stage heat treatment will occupy the 40% above of rolled steel gross, but because heat treatment is with furnace kiln heats,improve the special treatment that controls a function again, of its specific power consumption tall, of pollution can be imagined greatly. World industry development confirms, the advanced sex of production technology is the assurance of product competition ability. The advanced degree of technology of its heat treatment, it is the crucial factor that makes sure mechanical product is held, but existence difference is in between advanced level of mechanical product of nowadays our country and world 20 years of above, technology of production of its heat treatment is very backward, advanced level of manufacturing facilities and world has difference of 339 years, n of its bad news all compares Japan, Euramerican much 2~3 every tons times, and the cleanness of heat treatment industry is produced did not begin 3 useless discharge, contaminative environment is quite serious, the environmental protection that reason strengthens heat treatment and energy-saving production already were the urgent affairs in manufacturing industry, a few view talks at this point below.   

1 strengthen heat treatment to specialization manufacturing  

Our country is current small and big and complete, complete, all-purpose model, not cooperation, close model the enterprise is seen everywhere, all install casting, forge inside a factory namely, eletroplate, heat treatment, mould is made, heat addition heating, carry etc common the workshop with extremely strong sex, workshop section or team and group, consequently product quality owes beautiful, the task efficiency of not saturated, production is low, utilization rate of equipment and installations is extremely low, bad news of specific power consumption, content, pollution soars etc. According to data introduction our country has heat treatment factory to nod 11000 or so, on-the-job personnel 150 thousand person, compare with the United States, labor productivity, specialization factory number, profit, year the United States such as turnover all compares our country tower above 10 times. specified number of year of bad news phone under our country 50% . For this, the country puts forward to begin specialization production is adjusted, cancel production is not saturated, technical condition is poor, specific power consumption contaminates big plant, build professional heat treatment factory and manufacturing efforts dot, raise utilization rate of equipment and installations. Already cancelled the factory of extreme difference of a batch of each respects is nodded now, established site of plant of major of 40 many heat treatment and point of 450 many cooperation, make specific power consumption drops substantially. Before factory of our country some telescope did not specialization, heat treatment power consumption amounts to 3000kW/h, and 800kW/h drops after specializationing, utilization rate of equipment and installations rises 35% , productivity rises 45% , gained obvious economic benefits and social benefit.   
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