Large cement kiln
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Cement industry is increasing the measurement standards of cement kiln gradually, wash out a few old small-sized kiln stage by stage. The cement demand with North America driving area makes the operation time that the company extends its cement kiln, be in only just stop when necessary, predict will be repaired quickly. The Filius of LWB says: "Cement produces business to let old kiln keep running on product line, be in only must the ability when safeguarding stops replace perhaps 20 inches fireproof material, is not to change all and fireproof material. They are not extensive stop work, just be in must when just undertake be repairinged necessarily. " the course of action of business of production of a few cement more extreme. They appear order about to use old pit, build new cave dwelling at the same time, once new cave dwelling builds, they with respect to will old kiln permanent shut.

However, this produces business to fireproof material and character is not what good news. The Hoedl of RHl thinks: The fireproof material that new cave dwelling uses up is fewer, and product combination is different also. The intake air heater of short kiln uses magnesium and alumina, and development trend is alumina product increases, the dosage of alkalescent brick drops, the use of integral liner also is increasing. Standard intake air heater is formed commonly for basic material 60 % , be not basic material 32 % , indeterminate form material 10 % . And new generation kiln uses 40 % basic data commonly, 30 % blame is alkalescent material mixes material with 30 % . Once mount a horse of new cave dwelling, fireproof material consumes a level will lower, every produce 1000 tons of grog to use up 100 grams only fireproof material. In the past, use the old law production of long dry kiln, about the same 600-700 overcomes wastage, normaller is 350-400 gram.

The development of fireproof material technology, quickened spar of product of magnesian pointed spar and Tie Jianjing stone and manganese needle to wait for what can replace a product specialization, nevertheless business of production of a lot of cement still thinks this is a few about the same same product. Resco Products company is in charge of the manager Chris Macey of lime and cement market to say: "We distinguish different pointed spar brick, because their raw material and grade are very different,be, can have different function feature, can increase wearability or be like is to have better insulating properties, can get used to combustion area all sorts of different situations. Can get used to combustion area all sorts of different situations..

As cement kiln large change, more the loss that becomes aware hard will occur in manpower resource respect, because cement company will throw fewer time and manpower to have the research of fireproof data side, these jobs depend on fireproof data vendor will morely. And, as workload less and less, the market fears fireproof data company also will disband expert technology personnel, making a quantity may fall from a former month because of theirs reach.
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