Fast and firing what does the technical feature of kiln have?
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Of general channel kiln sectional and lofty, goods piles up thick and fast, the great disparity of difference in temperature of each place goods, fast and even ground heats or cannot cool accordingly goods, as a result is firing and periodic be as long as a few hours. The main demand that burns function of didymous kiln furnace quickly is: Can heat equably and cooling goods, and can adjust neatly temperature and atmosphere. To satisfy this basic requirement, fast and firing kiln has on structure and material a few more the following technical feature:

1, sectional small. To achieve kiln sectional on temperature agrees equably, sectional incline to at reducing height, become compressed form. It is 250-300 millimeter effectively highly for example, effective width is 600-840 millimeter, medium temperature achieves such small sectional pit very easily to agree equably, and be controlled easily. The tea dinner service with 1250-1300 firing ℃ (cup dish) firing and periodic only 60-90 minute.

2, contain sulfur content low, without the fuel of ash content. Fast and firing had better use flaming to heat directly, place asks not to have ash with fuel, contain sulfur content low, be like a city gas, natural gas, liquid gas, light oil. The fuel with firing flaming contains sulfur content appropriate to be in 0.2% the following.

3, high speed nozzle. Mouth of high speed isotherm has 3 big characteristics: Combustion rate is rapid, dimensional heat is powerful, temperature distributings even. High speed nozzle is to reduce the difference in temperature inside kiln, implement measure of a fast and firing main technique.

4, the high grade material that construct pit. To make the temperature inside kiln can adjust freelyingly according to the requirement of temperature curve neatly, the material that construct pit should choose heat conduction rate is low, thermal capacitance is small, the light qualitative high temperature that has particular strength is fireproof the light qualitative insulation material with material and good performance.

5, be reduced as far as possible or need not kiln is provided. Be in fast and firing in, ought to decrease as far as possible or need not kiln is provided. Use monolayer to place product, need not kiln is provided, increase the flexibility that passes thermal efficiency and kiln furnace, make kiln furnace is in likely short when inside cool from highest temperature normal temperature.

6, advanced products carries kind. General channel kiln uses cumbersome kiln car to carry product, kiln car accumulation of heat is very big, cause goods to rise gentle and cooling lag, do not suit fast and firing. Fast and firing the goods of channel kiln carries means to type of path of pace bridge type, ejector plate type, roller, air cushion type waits. Furnace of fast and firing intermittent type kiln has shuttle type and cap cover kiln.