Use blast furnace scoria to produce the feasibility analysis of glass-ceramics
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Increase as steely crop, quantity of steely waste residue also increases. According to statistic, limited company of group of iron and steel of Lai overgrown with weeds (abbreviation Lai steel) the crop of water broken bits 2005 exceeds 2 million T, slag crop also is in above of 800 thousand T. Lai steel is abided by " trash is to put a fault positional resource " principle, what develop solid waste material adequately is integrated use. Current, the diameter of main interest utility of scoria of domestic blast furnace is to be used at producing small noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch of cement and scoria, but this plan investment is large, economic benefits is low and product market wave motion is big wait, as a whole, the diameter of cost-effective benefit utility of blast furnace scoria is not much, accordingly, seek blast furnace scoria to add value high to use an approach integratedly, it is the objective that people place is explored and pursues all the time.
As the glass-ceramics of excel in, high-grade, high additional cost, wear-resisting is made on building, adornment and industry, be able to bear or endure the data side such as insulation of corrupt, high temperature resistant, report has very broad market and perspective. Building glass-ceramics its are primitive vitreous composition basically belongs to CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 system, advocate brilliant photograph has silicon ash commonly stone, calcic feldspar, calcic Huang Changshi, appear picrite to wait. Through domestic and international scientist long-term, much research is carried out, discovery is main raw material with blast furnace scoria, add proper auxiliary raw material, can produce the scoria glass-ceramics with good performance, and manufacturing process is not had pollute again, the product does not have radioactivity pollution, the market demands exceeds supply, scoria glass-ceramics also is called the green building materials of 21 centuries. Accordingly, use the scoria glass-ceramics with good performance of preparation of blast furnace scoria the utilization rate of steely to rising waste residue and additional cost, increase the import with reduce environmental pollution to have business economic benefits, important.

The production of scoria glass-ceramics

1 fundamental
The bases content contrast of blast furnace broken bits and fundamental glass sees a table 1. The data from inside the watch can see, blast furnace broken bits is main chemical composition CaO, A12O3, SiO2 is CaO, Al2O3, MgO, the important composition of SiO2 system glass-ceramics; R2O (K2O + Na2O) , the frit that Fe203 is helpful for glass not only is made, return the nucleus agent that can serve as glass-ceramics. Outside SiO2 on the low side is being divided in blast furnace broken bits, other part on the high side, can use silicon arenaceous the raw material that regards 2 oxidation as silicon is joined, the content that can raise SiO2 already reduces the content of other composition again at the same time. Join silicon in proportion in blast furnace broken bits arenaceous, fluorite adjust raw material, classics is sufficient after mixing even, heat its to fall to condition of melt of its high temperature, form CaO, Al2O3, MgO, the glass that SiO2 fastens, give the glass-ceramics of different color through joining different oxide to be able to adjust.
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