The ball provides annealing furnace brief introduction
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At present the nodular cast iron of water-cooling metal pattern on the world is in charge of direct form annealing furnace to be able to say really is accident not neat, the longest annealing furnace that designing is 72 meters, common the shortest annealing furnace is 28 45 meters of 36 rice, furnace that grow with 52 meters are very rice, general. The furnace home of these 3 kinds of length has. Furnace is long far still not merely these a few kinds. But furnace grows is integral, so that design with construction, and it is can be mixed by itself " 1 " two above besides are other number joins number except what use up, for example 36 can by " 2 " , " 3 " , " 4 " " 6 " and " 9 " be divided, because furnace divides several paragraphs, fasten occurrence fraction as far as possible.

The first paragraph of furnace is called heat paragraph. Heating paragraph in on the austenite change dot that should heat casting canal to phasor, control in 910 ° C commonly, in order to make the organization becomes austenite entirely, this one process says change for austenite.

The metal below high temperature is very soft, allow changeful entity. Can let the roll with ceaseless inside furnace pipe only to prevent to be out of shape. Boil more quickly, be out of shape not easily more. But boil too quickly, the time that pipe keeps inside furnace too short, the purpose of short of anneal. Annealing time is average cannot little at a hour. Consequently OK need according to leaving place of type cipher out most port is long: L(rice) =V (rice / cent) × 60 (cent) . Assume the length that waits for anneal casting canal is 1.2 meters now, look should build how long furnace. Be informed according to experiment and computation, to make sure 1.2 meters pipe is not out of shape, pipe is minutely inside furnace should roll circuit at least, namely a circumference, that is to say, speed straight displacement of the lines narrates after pipe should press at least: 1.2x, / 3.1. 2 meters / cent. Do not send inside a hour that asks in anneal place to make sure casting is in charge of consequently outside rolling a furnace, furnace grows to should be at least 1. 2X60=72 rice.

Will tell from the technology, the casting canal of any diameters can use anneal of direct form annealing furnace, do not be in certainly namely economically feasible. Now with 1. 4 meters of pipe are exemple say among them reason. Assume first now, every 3 minutes roll circuit, also can assure 1. 4 meters pipe is not out of shape. What need at this moment most port is brought up to should be about (1. 4x. / 3) X60=84 rice. Do not have actually so simple, because of the addition as the diameter, pipe is self-prossessed increase more and more quickly, also allow changeful entity more consequently. To assure 1. 4 meters pipe is not out of shape, every 3 minutes roll circuit apparent and insufficient, ask probably two minutes every to have to roll circuit. Below this kind of circumstance, furnace is long be about 125 meters, so long furnace is in apparently economically unworkable.
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