Technological transformation efficiency of natural gas burning furnace lining
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Zibo has invested 1.1 million yuan of industrial enamel, glass-lined tanks of 30,000 liters burning furnace lining the technological transformation of coal to burning natural gas from the past, comprehensive benefits obvious. Recently, a group of plant burning clean fuel gas from the 8 30,000 liters glass-lined tanks are sold south. In the past, the plant 30000 liters glass-lined tank has been using coal fired kiln-type horse boiling furnace, energy consumption, high cost, emission of smoke is not standard. Environmental concerns for the complete eradication of the plant on the implementation of upgrading the furnace, out of direct combustion of coal Ma boiling furnace, the introduction of clean fuel gas and transform the internal structure of the furnace. The technological transformation completely eliminates the smoke and dust pollution, automated control and significant savings in gas consumption. Meanwhile, the use of natural gas, temperature rise quickly, a substantial increase in production efficiency, furnace maintenance twice a year to once by the annual maintenance cost savings of nearly 20 million.