Peng Machinery in: "Ten years of sword" to create a low-carbon energy-saving f
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Kiln is a ceramic industry energy conservation, the importance of cleaner production firing equipment. How to improve the quality of ceramic products of burning, reduce pollution and achieve energy, maximize resource utilization, a ceramic, ceramic machine business interests to build a total of With the body a top priority. To this end, the reporter has the industry concerned with the hot and difficult issues, made a special trip interview with Peng Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan City, chairman of Wanpeng, witnessed the company's "decades of sword", the better The strength of the furnace to create a low-carbon energy. Create a fine reputation furnace market Peng Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan, established in 1999, has been in steady development, scientific research design, manufacturing, construction, installation and commissioning services in the integrated operation, showing excellent performance of the new furnace design Different, energy saving, quality and stability of the strong position. To international development direction of the Peng company in recent years, a series of new techniques, new technology has made no small achievement, hailed by peers is creating innovation and integration The new combination of a model. This year in May, was named the 2010 upstream supply of ceramic enterprises in Guangdong Province "ten most powerful equipment suppliers," the title. Furnace was awarded two patents of independent innovation Peng has been implemented in high-tech, high starting point of independent innovation strategy, now has "the outside wall with a diversion channel roller kiln" and "flip-type waste treatment system," the two utility model patents. Outer wall with guide Flow channel roller kiln is the furnace sticks for air leaks on both sides often carried out research and development. Guides through the specially designed airtight furnace improved performance, to save energy and reduce the effect of surface temperature furnace. Waste treatment system is a clamshell-type furnace in one of the masterpieces Peng, to clear out from the kiln waste through a dedicated bridge plate to a pre-prepared into a small car, not only cleared the firing process can be avoided waste The work of burned parts of the furnace, and can clean up the waste collected in time to help clean safe and civilized production. New energy-saving furnace "new direction" by the popular series of roller kiln After several years of development, roller kiln products have been successful through the traditional ST, SD, and SP beyond the standard model the evolution of three stages. Peng on behalf of the successful development of the future direction of the furnace the development of the first "new direction" series has been A large number of market and customer access to a wide range of ages. Roller kiln computer monitoring system (RKCMS) specifically developed for the furnace in the Peng made the production of ceramics with a very important practical significance, is to achieve by A powerful tool for the effectiveness of management. Roller kiln application of computer automatic control system to promote the regulation of the furnace into the data by the type of experience, since its introduction by the production managers and operators welcomed the furnace, hair Waving a positive and important role. It is worth mentioning that the company restore the automatic control system. The system uses a highly linear proportional flow control technology, has successfully solved the problem of stability of automatic control of the atmosphere. The porcelain and health in Porcelain has an extremely important field of application of significance. Set the goal of both domestic and foreign markets In recent years, the Peng companies continue to develop and improve brand position, the company has for the Nobel, Jane I, Bode, Irving Levin, Jiajun, Xing-hui, and other famous Italian pottery kiln companies undertake the successful projects are gradually , To continuous production of high quality, for example: Xing-hui last month for the construction of the antique ceramics group brick production line officially put into operation, the line length of 205 meters, with an annual capacity of 230 million square meters, achieving a production successful. In overseas operations , Export ratio rising, India, Iran and several other countries have also started construction or operation, the note also received Peng brand recognition overseas customers. Peng company in the objectives and tasks, is to continue to strengthen internal management, to develop a number of practical measures, but also to a new level; in the domestic market at the same time, and constantly enhance the expansion of foreign markets and open Development efforts. Enhance the vitality of enterprises in team building filling Peng adhering to the "scientific and technological strength, unlimited power," the core concept, in an effort to provide quality products and services, while not forgetting to strengthen corporate culture, improve The vitality of enterprises. For example, adhere to organize all employees each year to travel. September of this year to organize the staff to Shaoguan - Danxiashan tourism, open staff perspective; October Danzao another team to participate in the town's " Asian Games welcome event, corporate style development, and promote harmonious labor relations "staff activity games, achieved the desired results. Meanwhile, the company also continued to strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation with enterprises to carry out a range of recreational activities such as competitions , Increase mutual trust, promote win-win situation. Has an excellent staff of the Peng company, continue to uphold "honesty, quality first, technology leader, win glory," the purpose of steady development, steady progress.