Mould of international of the 9th Dongguan and metallic treatment are exhibited
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  Time 2007-11-14 comes 2007-11-17 Cycle 1 / year Establish time Application ends 2007-11-1 Showpiece dot Guangdong contemporary international exhibits a center (Dongguan is thick street) Contemporary international of Guangdong of the name that exhibit a house exhibits a center (Dongguan is thick street) Showpiece mould of machinery of the largest international is exhibited south content China (5000 are exhibited, 90000 square metre, 1300 ginseng postpone business) Leading Lnternational Show In South China DMP the 2nd period: 27 years November 14 - contemporary international of 17 days of Guangdong exhibits a center (Dongguan large market) mould of international of the 9th Dongguan and metallic treatment exhibit 9th China Dongguan International Mould&MetalworkingExhibition to sponsor an unit / Organized By:Dispatch tells exhibition company / Paper Communication Exhibition Services (the dispatch that bourse of Hong Kong combination appears on the market connects accuse a limited company member) Hong Kong: 9 dragon of Hong Kong watch a pond to become estate market 11 date China become industrial and commercial center 5 words building 15 rooms Rm.15, 5/F, wah Shang Centre, 11Shing YipSt, kwunTong, hong Kong. Shanghai: Shanghai hits Pu Lu square of yulan magnolia of a gold on the west building 1005 rooms (200023) TEL: 8621-63045419-277(extension) FAX: 8621-64181136 contact: MP of Mr Feng Yi: 13761491146 Website: E-mail: undertakes unit: Information of market of? of  of Xing of bake in a pan of appraise of Qin of enough Mei of shrimp Q mound aing kind of sweet grass: Economy of Hua Na market flourishingly, mechanical mould exhibits Dongguan to achieve a summit again, open as economy, hua Na area leads industry development is rapid, guan of its middle east is the industrial base with Hua Na the hugest district, dongguan city shares 32 garrison posts, many 50 thousand enterprise, among them 3 endowment the enterprise is occupied 15, 000. The equipment that produces to industry accordingly and raw material demand are avid. Province economy increase rate forecasted the whole nation and Guangdong to be for the target respectively 2006 8.5% reach 22% . Guangdong saved amount of imports and exports to be three hundred and fifty-seven billion one hundred and thirty million dollar 2006, than going up year of growth 26.2% , 30.9% what hold total of imports and exports of countrywide foreign trade, reside the first firmly. 645.18.4 100 million dollars increase amount of imports and exports of city of Guan of its middle east compared to the same period 24% , 14-17 day held in November 2007 [mould of Dongguan international machinery is exhibited] answering powerful market demand, hold in the light of domestic user and the requirement that improve product quality. Current exhibit meeting dimensions to will increase 17% , achieve 90000 square metre. Hua Na market is huge, stand with Beijing and Shanghai field three rival powers, the uniqueness of Hua Na market is strong, be not Beijing or Shanghai field can be compatible. Postpone meeting dimensions previous term or session (2006) : Stall of 73342 square metre enters assembly room area 3556 times postpone business 104989 people predict 1191 professional audiences current (2007) stall of 90000 square metre enters assembly room area 5000 times postpone business 1300 buy a 110000 people DMP- global industry distinguished gathering, take you to be close to more buy the home 1. Large international exhibits Hua Na area 2. Giant propaganda offensive, propagandist work pervades the whole nation and abroad, pay attention to particularly invite each to save city to look around buy the home 3. Visiting number is maximum, exhibition quality has most assure 4. Have Hua Na area the most powerful data-base that buy the home 5. Sponsor unit actual strength abundant, it is the first exhibition company of Asian that appear on the market. Provide excellent service, the assurance that is confidence shows range 1. The mould makes machine 2. Automation technology and control component 3. Stock processing: Forklift, condole machine, carriage belt, goods shelves and goods storehouse 4 the system. Heat makes treatment: Die-casting. Cast, heat treatment, solder etc 5. Cold make treatment: Punch, screw and bedspring are made etc 6. Etc of metallic cutting lathe machines a machine tool 7. Instrument maintenance and maintain 8. Accessory reachs auxiliary equipment: Compressor, motor, lube, bearing, cutting cutting tool, emery wheel, electronic feet, the hand uses a tool, dynamoelectric tool, plot instrument, industrial 9 clean things and safety. Stock: Alloy material, mould rolled steel, modular base reachs fittings, 10 board gold material. Coating reachs finishing 11. Accurate measurement reachs testing instrument 12. Treatment serves: Include: Tool and mould are made, metallic product is made, die-casting, finishing, plastic product makes wait for stall of stall hire standard (3MX3M) : RMB:17500 (domestic house) client of international of U.S. dollor 2300() deploy include: Carpet, 3 boarding, ground felt, character of a lintel board, light is in charge of two, 13A single-phase outlet (MAX. 500W) inquiry stage a piece, to fold chair reachs wastebasket two pieces. Headroom ground: RMB:1840/m2 (domestic house) , USD245/m2 (international client) , (Hire since 30 square metre, clearing together, do not include carpet) area discount privilege: 3A, 3B, 3C, 3D, 3E exhibits a house 5 times (3-6 stall 9 fold, 7 or above stall 8 fold) 4, 5, 6, 4 7 exhibit a house (1-2 exhibit 7.5 fold, 3-5 exhibit 7 fold, 6 exhibit an above 6.5 fold) the detail hangs down please ask Shanghai dispatch exhibits the conference to show limited company (dispatch tells exhibition company country wholy-owned and affiliated company) address: Shanghai hits Pu Lu square of yulan magnolia of a gold on the west building 1005 rooms (200023) phone: 021 - 63045419 - 277(extension) fax: 021 - 64181136 contact: Mobile phone of Mr Feng Yi: 13761491146
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