2008 Egypt " exposition of international of the 41st Caire "
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  Time 2008-3-19 comes 2008-3-23 Cycle 1 / year Establish time Application ends 2007-12-1 Center of showpiece exhibition of dot Caire international (Nasaier city) Center of exhibition of international of Caire of the name that exhibit a house (Nasaier city) Showpiece content attends about inviting 2008 Egypt " exposition of international of the 41st Caire " the announcement concerns an unit each: Develop Africa and market of middle east nation to consolidate further and promote our country business, will continue to form a delegation attend to be held in Egypt 2008 " exposition of international of the 41st Caire " . In recent years, as in dust two countries is bilateral enhance the influence with condition of middle east area ceaselessly via what trade cooperates, be located in African area and have the convenience requirement of the the Suez Canal, make Egypt becomes the traffic center of Africa and dealings of middle east trade. Each country home opens agency and trade representative orgnaization in Egypt in succession. The goods that makes Egypt becomes Africa and even middle east area stage by stage lays in a center, at the same time in dust potential of development of collaboration of bilateral classics trade is greater, it is our country is carried out " go " key area of the strategy. Exposition of Egypt Caire international holds every year regularly, dispute continent and even radiate arrive one of exhibition with middle east the largest area. Should exhibit enjoy very tall famous degree, according to showing the information that authorities statistic releases Caire was exhibited 2007 have 40 many states many 4000 ginseng that postpone business is exhibited; Among them 12 are exhibited with ginseng of national house form. Come from what 46 countries make an appointment with 120 thousand person-time to purchase the professional personage such as business, agency, jobber to attend a meeting negotiate commerce; Visiting number amounts to 600 thousand person-time. Successive already ginseng exhibits my company 20 one's remaining years, already became what exhibition load business arrives surely to exhibit; Attracting large quantities of home every year to produce enterprise and ginseng of foreign trade company to exhibit. Will exhibit meeting concerned matters concerned to inform as follows now: 2, exhibit meeting name: 2008 Egypt " exposition of international of the 41st Caire " 3, extend meeting time: In March 2008 19 to 23 days 4, exhibit meeting site: Caire international exhibits a center (accept Sai Ercheng) 5, ginseng exhibit expense (detailed sees accessory 2) this exhibition my company will press what the place central belongs to an unit to form a delegation 2008 regulation, development fund of international market of of application nation medium and small businesses is first give and aid financially relevant enterprise to be in of Egypt extend an activity. After by me the company is exhibited, all application formalities are united deal with. The activity of international trade communication that exhibits an enterprise to provide material benefit for more home ginseng (specific provision, detailed sees network of financing of medium and small businesses) . 6, limits of item on display (detailed sees accessory 3) 7, stall affirms: Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to need clarity to fill in ginseng extend application form (accessory one) the fax exhibits a center to light industry, ginseng exhibit an unit to be affirmed to join after exhibiting a qualification, should pay stall imprest instantly (every stall 20, 000 yuan of RMBs) ; My department will be arranged orderly early or late by what sign up and pay imprest and allocate stall. Account name: Center of light industry exhibition opens an account bank: Beijing of Chinese agriculture bank east account of 4 north subbranch of a bank: 190101040000941 8, contact means: Contact an unit: Light industry exhibits central address: Beijing east the city zone east 46 64 zip code: 100007 phone: 010-64015133 13366596973 fax: 010-64015133 email: Qijing_1102@163.com contact: Qi Daojing QQ:404118265 MSN:qIjing_1102@msn.com 2 00 July on July 17 accessory one: Ginseng exhibit application form accessory 2: Ginseng exhibit accessory of scale of fees 3: Ginseng extend range of item on display
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