2008 Germany " exposition of Han Nuowei industry "
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  Time 2008-4-11 comes 2008-4-25 Cycle 1 / year Establish time Application ends 2007-11-1 Hannuowei exhibits showpiece dot Germany center Han Nuowei exhibits Germany of the name that exhibit a house center Showpiece content attends about inviting 2008 Germany " exposition of Han Nuowei industry " the announcement concerns an unit each: Promote meeting approve via China International commerce, my department will continue to form a delegation attend what Han Nuowei city holds to was in Germany to 25 days on April 21, 2008 " exposition of Han Nuowei industry " . Exposition of Han Nuowei industry is the whole world first of rank of top class, world is professional, involve industrial field the biggest internationally trade fair, annual one, should exhibit establish 1947, heretofore already had history of 60 years. It has the world not only the most large-scale show field, and technical content is extremely high, by accepted it is to contact global industry design, treatment to make, one of the mainest platform of technical application and international trade. Develop up to now, should exhibit already ground of give no cause for more criticism says for----"The admiral of domain of global industry commerce is exhibited " and " provide consequence to involve industrial product and technology most the most extensive internationally industrial trade fair " . 2007 is the good year that Han Nuowei industry extends. Statistical data makes clear: Ginseng exhibit an enterprise to already amounted to many 6400, among them except heart abroad many 3100 ginseng that comes from 68 countries postpones a business. Audience of this grand meeting 230 thousand much person-time. Outside dividing Germany, america and momentum of growth of hamster audience number are most swift and violent. Audience amount grew 10% than in former years. China shared 356 enterprises ginseng to exhibit 2007, ginseng exhibit company number to already exceeded 7 years the partner Turkey of exposition of Han Nuowei industry (326) ginseng postpone a business. Exhibited meeting core theme to be met to exhibit with drive of automation of energy technology, industry, motivation 2007 key. Exhibited 2008 can return will continue focusing at energy efficiency theme, increase generate electricity technical domain special subject, the component that promotes rapid development supplies the market and project of power station of medium-sized bureau region. One, exhibition name: Exposition of Han Nuowei industry 2, showpiece time: Came 25 days on April 21, 2008 3, showpiece dot: German Han Nuowei exhibits a center 4, limits of item on display: Detailed sees accessory 3 5, ginseng exhibit expense: Detailed sees accessory 2 6, exhibit affirmatory: Ginseng exhibit enterprise general ginseng to extend application form (accessory one) the fax after it is clear to fill in exhibits a center to light industry. 7, down payment: Ginseng exhibit an unit to be affirmed to join after exhibiting a qualification, give namely form a delegation the unit advances the ginseng of 40000 yuan of RMBs exhibits stall of every 9 standards that make the same score rice deposit, in order to make sure stall is decided really. Ginseng exhibit deposit to collect please to: Gathering unit: Center of light industry exhibition opens an account row: Beijing of Chinese agriculture bank east account of 4 north subbranch of a bank: 190101040000941 contacts an unit: Light industry exhibits central address: Beijing east the city zone east 46 64 zip code: 100007 phone: 010-64015133 13366596973 fax: 010-64015133 email: Qijing_1102@163.com contact: Qi Daojing QQ:404118265 MSN:qIjing_1102@msn.com at the same time, greeting each unit sends the market that ginseng watchs this exhibition and researchs relevant industry, I manage the basis the enterprise asks arrangement visiting program is mixed inspect content. Light industry shows central 2007-7-18 attachment: One, ginseng extend application form 2, fare level
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