Exhibition of metallurgical industry of 2008 China International
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  Time 2007-7-15 comes 2008-3-7 Cycle 1 / year Establish time 2000 Application ends 2008-3-7 Choose center of Shanghai world trade showpiece Age of the title that exhibit a house trade store Showpiece content 1. Metallurgy (iron and steel and nonferrous metal) : ① technology and equipment ② product, finished products reachs auxiliary things, metallurgy material handling (coke and ore, other assist raw material) furnace of product of structure of steely product, nonferrous metal product, metal, smelt, Lian Zhu, rolling, drawing, finishing, galvanization, metal and products of all sorts of application material, tin-plating, color coating, hardware, metallurgy, kiln and. Fireproof material: Raw material and processing technique of processing equipment production and equipment all sorts of fireproof material products 3. The electric device that is used at the respect such as production of metallurgy, hot-working, machining, fireproof material, electron detects reach technology of control equipment, data processing and instrument appearance 4. Environmental protection technology and equipment 5. Design and advisory service 6. Professional technology periodical, magazine, professional website Property is open to businessman and public Sponsor commerce of unit China International to promote committee Shanghai Pudong branch Information is released   What remarks respects is medium, outside we invite the friends of metallurgy and relevant industry cordially you attend on March 5, 2008 - the fair of metallurgical industry of 2008 China International that in Shanghai world trade the store holds 7 days (Shanghai) (Metallurgy China Shanghai 2008) . Chinese steely crop already resided the world for years continuously the first. Northwest is developed greatly, base of northeast old industry is revitalized, advanced manufacturing industry rises abruptly, need new material of many and high grade metal to prop up. Chinese iron and steel industry will pay close attention to more adjust breed structure, expand circular economy, reduce specific power consumption of content bad news, take environmental protection seriously, development transfers a technology to upgrade to go up with structural adjustment from the growth of the quantity mainly. Metallurgy industry will must use the most advanced technology and equipment, undertake technical reformation and new plant are built, just be the inevitable alternative that contemporary China iron and steel industry develops continuously. Pass this exhibition to be able to understand industry of global iron and steel to develop a condition systematically in the round, offerred the economic commerce that travels together with each country to cooperate wonderful opportunity. This exhibiting can invite domestic and international high grade product to produce business and metallurgy equipment manufacturer to attend to communicate with the technology showpiece, in order to promote the progress of technology of world metallurgy equipment. Manage experience to make an on-the-spot investigation further and draw lessons from the advanced technique of foreign enterprise and production, strengthen the trade dealings with foreign enterprise and cooperation, the respect such as innovation of technology of pair of steely product craft such as the expert that we will organize domain of global iron and steel, scholar, engineer, equipment has comprehensive communication on the seminar. Here, cordial ground invites you to participate in current exhibit meeting. 1. In the world more than 70 countries and area undertake exhibiting meeting spreading conduct propaganda, carry ad on relevant professional journal. 2. The print on the main the press that waits for many industries in domestic metallurgy, machinery and magazine of a few major puts an advertisement hand-in-hand travel exhibits meeting conduct propaganda to report. 3. Outward country is stationed in China business affairs orgnaization and concerned international organization are stationed in China send exhibition on behalf of the orgnaization propagandist data and " the directory that postpone business " . 4. To its through domestic and international relevant association member unit is released exhibit meeting information. 5. The metallurgy enterprise to country of area of area of chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and East Asia, southeast Asia, relevant enterprise and trading company send exhibition to visit certificate. Pass local association at the same time or act as agent, send visiting certificate to area of India, Russia, middle east and area of Euramerican and other places. 6. Before exhibit work out of a month is finished imprint all ginseng exhibit trade name, extend a number, showpiece the Chinese and English booklet of content---" before exhibiting, preview " , narrate audience group to be sent freely up, so that their understanding is exhibited,can reach the situation that postpone business, specific aim ground comes round to look around. 3, exhibit a cost standard: (note: Double mouth exhibits increase 20% cost) extend a kind 9 ㎡ (3m3m) 12 ㎡ (3m4m) 15 ㎡ (3m5m) smooth ground (㎡) domestic company: RMB 8800 yuan RMB 11600 yuan RMB 14400 yuan RMB 900 yuan foreign enterprise: 3000 U.S. dollors of $ 4000 U.S. dollors of $ 300 U.S. dollors of $ of 5000 U.S. dollors note $ : Solely least hire 36m2, without any establishment, charge of electricity, administration fee is assumed by him enterprise entirely. Provide a service freely: 1. The Chinese and English brief introduction that publishs 200 words less than on proceedings of a conferences (offer manuscript of format of electronic Word edition please, or send email, ) 2. Exhibit a cleanness and 24 hours of place to guard regularly. 3. Offer a ticket to exhibit business to invite a client to use for joining. 4, the standard exhibits an establishment configuration to exhibit an area lintel edition to exhibit wall carpet to seek advice from electrical outlet of power source of stage campstool fluorescent lamp √ of √ of 9 ㎡ √ a √ of √ of 2 √ of 2 a 12 ㎡ a √ of √ of 3 √ of 2 a 15 ㎡ 1: Back cover of 25000 yuan of ◆ : Title page of 18000 yuan of ◆ : Inside front cover of 12000 yuan of ◆ : Full page of color of 12000 yuan of ◆ : 6000 yuan of ◆ are black and white inside page: Inside back cover of 3000 yuan of ◆ : Scroll of 10000 yuan of ◆ : 4000 yuan of ◆ invitation card: 3800 yuan / sky of 10 thousand pieces of ◆ waves balloon: 4000 yuan of ◆ aerate arch: Ticket of 8000 yuan of ◆ : 3000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces 6, ginseng exhibit detailed rules 1. Fill in ginseng exhibit application form to mail or fax to constituent unit; 2. Ginseng business should be exhibited in application hind will join inside 5 days exhibit expense [50% (imprest) or entire section] telegraphic transfer money or hand in to constituent unit, more than should be before January 10, 2008 paid, we will open bill after receiving all ginseng to exhibit cost; The ginseng that signs up after 3.2007 years December 30 exhibits an unit, paid ginseng exhibits beard sum cost; 4. Ginseng exhibit business to be in remit after each charge, reach fax of bank money order bill please constituent unit; 5. Join after exhibiting business to pay 50% imprest inside time limit only, place exhibits an ability to be able to be withheld surely; 6. Constituent unit is received ginseng after exhibiting application to reach the charge that exhibit a stage, will on January 15, 2008 around is sent " ginseng exhibit manual " to ginseng postpone business;
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