Furnace of heat treatment of international of Beijing of the 5th China, industry
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  Time 2008-9-26 comes 2008-9-28 Cycle 1 / year Establish time 2000 Application ends 2008-9-1 Nod new China International showpiece to exhibit a center Center of exhibition of new China International of the name that exhibit a house Showpiece domain of content ◆ heat treatment:
Product line of all sorts of heat treatment furnace, heat treatment; Finishing and exterior modified technology reach device; Heat and buy of cooling new technology, new clothes; Heat treatment assists material and device; Technology of appearance of control of heat treatment quality, testing instrument, automation; Software of Electromechanical unifinication technology, craft and personal computer control a technology; Heat treatment assists device; Material of heat treatment craft and auxiliary material, quench agent of medium, ooze, coating; New-style burner reachs a technology; Heat treatment is energy-saving equipment and technology, more than lukewarm heat treatment and equipment of relevant environmental protection and technology; Insulation material of heat insulation of the material that build furnace, fireproof material, heating element, heat-resisting and the form a complete set related to heat treatment equipment yuan parts of an apparatus.
Domain of ◆ industry furnace:
Of all kinds and advanced efficient and energy-saving industrial furnace kiln, new-style burner and combustion technology, furnace reachs other accessory, of all kinds furnace to use equipment and technology, furnace to reclaim with more than heat with machinery with material, furnace reach environmental protection device, heat exchanger, furnace to use appearance and automation system.
Domain of ◆ fireproof material:
Technology of production of pottery and porcelain of fireproof, industry shapes equipment and raw material, additive, complementary makings; Burner, lukewarm accuse system, heating element, adiabatic insulation material managing the sources of energy, fall technology of low consumption, environmental protection, device, equipment; The furnace kiln technology that is used at the branch such as fireproof, steely, coloured, heat treatment reachs device; Superhigh temperature technology and goods; Product quality control, detect with instrument, appearance; Technology of fireproof material reproduction and equipment.
Technical communication
The organizing committee will arrange many technical communication to meet during the exhibition, in order to develop product of communication of trade of technology, classics, conduct propaganda, introduction. Each enterprise and research unit can apply for to hold, the theme is decided oneself, with ginseng exhibit an application form to sign up for an organizing committee along with all the others, so that reach early arrangement to communicate field, , advertisement conduct propaganda, help constituent major audience. Every 2 hours, domestic company expenses 6000 yuan of RMBs, foreign company expenses 2000 dollars.
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