Exhibition of industry of nonferrous metal of international of Beijing of the 4t
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  Time 2008-9-26 comes 2008-9-28 Cycle 1 / year Establish time 2003 Application ends 2008-9-24 Center of showpiece exhibition of dot Beijing new China International Center of exhibition of new China International of Beijing of the name that exhibit a house Showpiece content exhibition of industry of nonferrous metal of international of Beijing of the 4th China on September 26, 2008, 28 days of Beijing: New China International exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: Machinist Cheng of Beijing of China of chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of business association of whole nation of society of Chinese nonferrous metal learns to undertake unit: Smelt metal combines in " Beijing " of exhibition limited company supports an unit: Henan of society of nonferrous metal of Hunan of academy of nonferrous metal of northwest of society of Shanghai nonferrous metal saves nonferrous metal to learn Guangdong to save nonferrous metal institutional reviewing and exhibition of industry of nonferrous metal of analytic China Beijing, all previous classics 3 years, in domestic and international travelling merchant and home relevant section supports energetically below, already made one of famous exhibition inside course of study, it is global look forward to, institution and academic orgnaization begin technical communication, commerce negotiates, the main activity that information communicates. Should postpone the development that is industry of our country nonferrous metal, the energy-saving technology decreasing a platoon of industry of stimulative nonferrous metal progresses, the circular economy health that promotes nonferrous metal domain runs play to stress wanted action. "Exhibition of industry of nonferrous metal of international of Beijing of the 4th 2008 China " will on September 26 - in Beijing 28 days new China International exhibits a center to hold. Predict to will have China and foreign countries well-known company attends a meeting many times 400 ginseng exhibit, each manufacturer have the aid of platform of this group course of study, show the new product of industry of current nonferrous metal and advanced processing technique and equipment, can foreknow current exhibit meeting general to become institution of foreign enterprise of within the country to undertake commerce negotiates, the one big grand meeting of technical communication! Program arranges 1, report for duty cloth exhibits: On September 24, 2008, 25 days (9: 00, 17: 00) 2, opening time: On September 26, 2008 (in the morning 9: 30) 3, showpiece time: On September 26, 2008, 28 days (9: 00, 16: 30) 4, remove extend time: On September 28, 2008 (afternoon 16: 00) ginseng extend range 1, nonferrous metal raw material: The product of nonferrous metal mineral products such as copper, aluminous, magnesian, titanium, zinc, lead, manganese, zirconium, vanadium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, antimonial, stannum, chromium, tungsten, Tantalum, indium is raw material, magnetic material of material, rare, pottery and porcelain, rare earth, ; 2, nonferrous metal assists material: Nonferrous metal production uses auxiliary data (chemical, dissolvent, fireproof material, master alloy, gas, clean water, lube) ; 3, technology of nonferrous metal production and equipment: Reductive, chastening, fusion, hydromeallurgy, electrochemistry, aluminous second birth and reclaim technology and the equipment such as the system; Nonferrous metal production uses device of art of environmental protection ability; Coloured mine equipment; Coloured smelt equipment; Nonferrous metal finishing (eletroplate, besmear outfit, spray, anticorrosion) technology and equipment; Nonferrous metal production is controlled with automation, detect equipment and instrument appearance; Second birth of useless old nonferrous metal reclaims equipment; Treatment of nonferrous metal, cast with pouring equipment; The equipment that pack. 4, nonferrous metal goods: Cupreous products (tubal material, plank, sheet, great ability, strip, material and its alloy products) ; Aluminous goods (material of aluminium alloy profile, canal, great ability, plank, strip, foil, aluminous piece, aluminous ingot) ; Titanium alloy products; Magnesium alloy goods; Pulverous metallurgy goods. 5, goods and applied material, technology application are made at chemical chemical industry, aerospace, car, electron of products of adornment of appliance of pharmacy of medical treatment equipment, biology, sports, building, technology, communication, electric home appliances
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