Aluminous technology of international of Beijing of the 5th 2008 China reachs eq
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  Time 2008-9-26 comes 2008-9-28 Cycle 1 / year Establish time 2003 Application ends 2008-9-24 Center of showpiece exhibition of dot Beijing new China International Center of exhibition of new China International of Beijing of the name that exhibit a house Showpiece aluminous technology of international of Beijing of the 5th China reachs content International Aluminum Industry Expo.2008 2008 equipment exhibition on September 26, 2008, 28 days of Beijing: New China International exhibits central reviewing and analysis to sponsor an unit: The smelt metal in society of machinist Cheng of Beijing of China of chamber of commerce of course of study of metallurgy of business association of whole nation of society of Chinese nonferrous metal combines (Beijing) of exhibition limited company undertakes unit: Smelt metal combines in (Beijing) support of media of of exhibition limited company: China of aluminous net is aluminous in of website of aluminous material of China of of website of aluminous course of study of China of of net of Chinese aluminous industry aluminium of China of of net of business affairs of aluminous profile of China of of net of aluminous profile of China of of net of aluminous industry of China of of center of information of board belt foil classics of all previous of board net 4 carry, new nation is exhibited have something made to order to exhibit an industry to measure a body, it is the exhibition center that the biggest, function perfects Beijing dimensions most, suit to undertake large exhibition. Here is having advanced software and hardware establishment, its function achieves international to exhibit course of study to exhibit the top-ranking level that the house builds, also be China top class those who specialization exhibit one of houses. The key of aluminous industry of current our country depends on controlling gross, optimize a structure, equitable distribution, energy-saving reduce cost, expand circular economy. Accordingly, aluminous industry industry must be developed and produce the new-style aluminium product of high-powered, low cost, low consumption, the active development state of affairs of aluminous industry, continue to hold international aluminous industry to exhibit for us created advantageous condition. Current exhibit course of study of the aluminium in meeting us will invite, Russia aluminium, beautiful aluminium, Canada aluminium to wait global famous aluminous industry business attends. Postpone the trade grand meeting that is sure to make high level tall arrangement originally. We believe a such different international are aluminous the progress that industrial exhibition can push our country aluminous industry energetically! Program arranges 1, report for duty cloth exhibits: On September 24, 2008, 25 days (9: 00, 17: 00) 2, opening time: On September 26, 2008 (in the morning 9: 30) 3, showpiece time: On September 26, 2008, 28 days (9: 00, 16: 30) 4, remove extend time: On September 28, 2008 (afternoon 16: 00) ginseng extend range 1, large aluminous course of study, raw material, primary aluminous product, semi-manufactured goods, cast. 2, application is carried at building, traffic, the industry aluminium material such as electron, car, container, accurate machinery, electron (aluminium alloy, profile, board material of strip, canal, marvellous wire, foil, aluminium powder) . 3, production, treatment, technology and equipment: Technology of raw material treatment, fused, mould, heat treatment reachs device; Rolling mill technology, extruding, pull delay, cast, extruding mould technology and equipment; Plank is made, cut curium, technology of outfit of machine tool treatment, finishing, anticorrosive processing, besmear, spray, juncture and equipment; Belt and foil processing, tool and mould are made, the test is measured, technology of applied processing software and equipment. 4, production uses auxiliary data: Fireproof material, chemical, dissolvent, additive, water purification, gas is purified etc. 5, aluminium electroanalysises production equips: Kiln of electrobath, furnace, mechanical, electric, appearance, natural resources of aluminous mine land. 6, flotsam reclaims reach reclaim technology. 7, aluminous goods and the new technology that use a field, new technology, new achievement. 8, aluminous course of study reachs installation company with manufacturer of the equipment that be not mark. During technical communication is exhibited, the organizing committee will arrange many technical communication to meet, in order to develop product of communication of trade of technology, classics, conduct propaganda, introduction. Each enterprise and research unit can apply for to hold, the theme is decided oneself, with ginseng exhibit an application form to sign up for an organizing committee along with all the others, so that reach early arrangement to communicate field, advertisement conduct propaganda, help constituent major audience. Every 2 hours, domestic company expenses 6000 yuan of RMBs, foreign company expenses 2000 dollars. Rate 1, standard exhibits a 9m²(3m × 3m) ; Configuration: Showpiece field, 3 are exhibited board (2.5m is tall) , lintel card is made, one piece negotiates electrical outlet of power source of 2 desk, chairs, 220V, shoot the light 2 times. 2, smooth ground (do not rise under 36 M² hire) ; Configuration: Showpiece insurance of service of field, security personnel, public liability, without any establishment. Joint-stock abroad exhibits company of company property home / exhibition period 8800 yuan / exhibit 13800 yuan / exhibit a 2800 dollars / exhibit a smooth ground / exhibition period 900 yuan / square metre 1380 yuan / square metre 280 dollars / square metre makes clear: Ginseng if choose double mouth to exhibit,postpone a business add 20% exhibit an expense, install especially exhibit a stage to exhibit an area for international. Meeting Wu expends: Ginseng exhibit a delegate each 800 yuan of RMBs. (use at conference data, lunch, souvenir to wait) congress proceedings of a conferences 1, during be being exhibited to cooperate to postpone business, conduct propaganda is reached letting a client understanding postpones business and can communicate couplet to it after the meeting is, the organizing committee will compile and print meticulously congress proceedings of a conferences, norms: 210mm × 285mm. 2, page of the color inside page of the color before inside back cover of inside front cover of back cover of cover of charge of proceedings of a conferences is black and white inside page 18000 yuan 15000 yuan 10000 yuan 8000 yuan 8000 yuan 5000 yuan look around 3000 yuan roll: 8000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces enter card: 10000 yuan / 10 thousand pieces of sky wave balloon: 10000 yuan / exhibition period aerates arch: 5000 yuan / the day notes: Look around roll, enter card 30 thousand calm (other advertisement alls alone fully) note: Because of advertisement finite, if some kind of advertisement cannot satisfy the requirement that extends trade, undertake in order to pay arranging early or late. Conduct propaganda is organized 1, call together main communal reach professional media to hold a press conference; 2, extend accumulated broad client network through doing for a long time, undertake be propagandisted domestic and internationally popularizing; 3, presswork entrance ticket 500 thousand pieces, invitation 300 thousand pieces, send group by group through the organizing committee toward global travelling merchant; 4, undertake propagandist puissant promotion in the round through TV, broadcasting station, newspaper, professional magazine, website; 5, the congener and professional exhibition that chooses to have dimensions and force domestic and internationally relatively undertakes promotion and audience are organized propagandist; 6, be stationed in through the foreign country China orgnaization (include all sorts of association of diplomatic mission, chamber of commerce, commerce to organize) undertake propagandist popularizing. The audience is organized 1, the organization is domestic and international each aluminium profile, build project and installation line of business, door window is made with installation course of study, act wall is made reach installation industry, manufacturing industry of crate goods shelves, lamp box fascia is made with installation course of study, railroad of road, bridge, city and light course build line of business, manufacturer of company of metallic construction manufacturing industry, metal, municipal engineering company, car the general manager of the domain such as water conservancy project of the home, aerospace, power, food, chemical industry / president, purchase a manager / personnel, new product considers to develop personnel, quality to detect attestation personnel. 2, exhibit meeting progress circumstance to publish every monthly magazine go up in each big broadcasting station, TV station, newspaper, magazine, website. 3, • is previewed to visit guideline » special issue and invitation letter to be mailed continuously before « is exhibited, the progress ginseng that reports exhibition regularly extends a program 1, fill in seriously « ginseng exhibits application and agreement to » builds official seal to fax or mail to the organizing committee 2, after application gets the organizing committee affirms, will join inside 10 days exhibit expense [50% (imprest) or entire section] telegraphic transfer money or hand in to the organizing committee, odd fax will be answered to come please after paragraph remit so that the organizing committee is checked. 3, the meeting after the organizing committee receives the ginseng that postpones business to exhibit expense exhibits bill and « ginseng guideline » to mail postpone business. 4, exhibit allocate a basis: "First application, prepaid money, arrange first " . Can extend a service 1, conduction item on display is carried, declare at customs, offer favourable accommodation, travel, era decides plane, train ticket; 2, offer freely look around coil to invite a client to use for postponing business, carry ad of the proceedings of a conferences inside 200 words freely; 3, every spot demonstrates to need to use phone of water, motivation, reduce airy unit, must shift to an earlier date application of a month. Secretariat of congress organizing committee: Address: Road of source of Beijing of area of Beijing stone Jing Shan edifice of 7 Hua Yuelong 218 rooms postcode: 100043 phone: 010-68604137 fax: 010-68601766 contact: Aluminous technology of international of the 5th China Beijing and equipment exhibition join Wang Chao 13521072771 2008 extend application and agreement this unit decides to attend to came 28 days to exhibit a center to hold in China International on September 26, 2008 " aluminous technology of international of Beijing of the 5th 2008 China and equipment exhibition " assure to pay each ginseng, obedient congress unites arrangement. Stage of □ of joint ventures of □ of private enterprise of □ of enterprise of state-operated of □ of property of company of English of company name Chinese endowment E-mail: of network address of postcode of fax of phone of address of business of enterprise □ foreign capitalLegal person exhibits a GB on behalf of contact post hire: Extend a date: Charge hire leases consumed land solely: M2 holds number especially: Layout of charge proceedings of a conferences identifies print to expend assist run cost of advertisement of other of class of C of □ of class of B of □ of level □ class A amount of expenses of meeting Wu expenses is great: Pay the smelt metal in date gathering unit combines (Beijing) of exhibition limited company opens an account 11001018100059000269 of account of Xi Yongle subbranch of a bank of Beijing of bank of travel China construction reveals content ginseng to exhibit number remarks: Company brief introduction is restricted inside 200 words, fax along with all the others along with this watch or mail to secretariat of organizing committee of organizing committee congress: Ginseng exhibit unit affix one's seal: Address: Road of source of Beijing of area of Beijing stone Jing Shan edifice of 7 Hua Yuelong 218 rooms postcode: 100043 controller (sign) : Phone: 010, 68604137 fax: 010, 68601766 contact: ? exceeds 13521072771 date
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