2008 China (Guangzhou) exhibition of conduit of pressure of international pressu
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  Time 2008-7-28 comes 2008-7-30 Cycle 1 / year Establish time Application ends 2008-6-30 Nod Guangzhou bright and beautiful showpiece Chinese exhibition center Guangzhou of the name that exhibit a house bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center Showpiece pressure vessel of content ◇ steeliness: One, 2, 3 kinds of tall, medium, low pressure vessel, with Yu Ye gold, petro-chemical, medicine, feed printing and dyeing, boat the pressure vessel such as aerospace; Pressure vessel of glassed steel stainless steel and ◇ of pressure of stuff of special type metal are metalloid pressure vessel: Container of pressure of black lead, glass reinforced plastics, complete model, composite material; ◇ pressure vessel raw material: Carbon steel, low-alloy steel, tall alloy steel, compound board, solder aluminium and material, copper and its alloy, its alloy, nickel and nickel alloy, titanium and titanium alloy, coating, do not appear sexual black lead, pottery and porcelain, enamel, composite material to wait; ◇ gas cylinder: Without seam bottle of steel of liquefied petroleum gas of bottle of coherent of gas cylinder solder car of deliquescent acetylene gas cylinder uses gas cylinder of heat insulation of gas cylinder low temperature to twine gas cylinder blame to repeat fill gas cylinder of special type of outfit gas cylinder, gas cylinder outfit is metric reach safety to ensure the pressure vessel of ◇ movable type such as equipment: Container of type of railroad tank car, car tank truck, trailer length a canal, canister, tank car; ◇ pressure conduit: Petroleum pipeline path, conduit transporting gas, conduit burning gas, heating power conduit, craft conduit, motivation conduit, refrigeration conduit, seamless steel tube, solder canal of steel tube, nonferrous metal, cast-iron pipe, metalloid material; ◇ form a complete set reachs safe unit: Heat exchanger tube, heat exchanger tube, seal all sorts of pipe fitting and radiating tube, connect, new-style canals material, head, forging, expand section, pump, relief valve, wing piece canal, flange, accuse equipment, intelligence to control appearance of equipment of system and software, temperature, pressure, flow control adjustment, instrument oneself. ◇ boiler technology and equipment Property is open to businessman and public Sponsor unit Guangdong province external association of economic collaboration industry
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