Machinery of Brazilian international industry was mixed 2008 equipment exhibitio
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  Time 2008-10-14 comes 2008-10-18 Cycle 1 / year Establish time Application ends 2008-9-15 Showpiece dot Brazil is emigrant exhibit a center The name that exhibit a house is emigrant exhibit a center Exhibit content machinist is provided and peripheral, measure tool of instrument, robot and industrial manipulator, cutting, armor plate and steel tube to shape equipment, presswork system of software of CAE / CAD / CAM of equipment, industry, control and automation equipment, plastic shape book of equipment, technology and magazine, bank and Property is opened to the businessman only open to businessman and public Sponsor an unit to amount to Europe is exhibited Information is released   Remarks amounts to Europe to show service limited company is a major that devotes oneself to to be engaged in Europe showing service and business affairs activity, the business affairs exhibition of high level serves a company. The service that the home of world famous exhibition that basically is engaged in European each country forms a delegation, business affairs makes an on-the-spot investigation, conference organization, the organization of the exhibition that basically includes the famous exhibition such as Germany, France, Italy and partial United States and a series of business affairs activities. Come for years, we recieve a service with a professional constituent level, high grade group and be joined unanimous praise of the client by numerous home. The criterion that sincere letter is us, highest belief that serving to postpone business heart to heart is us.
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