2008 China do not have stannum the 8th international is cast, die-casting, heat
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  Time 2008-6-20 comes 2008-6-22 Cycle 1 / year Establish time 2000 Application ends 2008-6-20 Exhibition of bit of showpiece sports of the city that do not have stannum center The name that exhibit a house does not have stannic city sports to exhibit a center Showpiece content sponsors an unit:
Without stannic city metallurgical industry association
Without association of stannic heat treatment
Without association of stannic mould industry
Promote guild of stainless steel of the Dai Na that turn city
Undertake unit:
Commerce of the border in having stannum shows limited company
Assist run an unit:
Asset of metallurgy of the city that do not have stannum runs limited company
Abroad representative:
Taiwan Asia-Pacific international shows limited company

Without stannum, city of famous industry, travel, be located in center of delta of the Yangtse River, line of peaceful high speed of peaceful Shanghai railroad, Shanghai, 312 nations and Beijing Hang Dayun whole town of river be well versed in, communication is very easy. Without Xi Yixiong's large industry base, advanced science and technology, brilliant construction is accomplished and develop prospect capaciously, be included first 10 big China to have one of economic vigor cities most.
"China is cast without stannic international, die-casting, heat treatment and industrial furnace exhibition " hold 7 already successfully, got domestic and international manufacturer support energetically and trust, the technical communication between domestic and international to strengthening person of the same trade and collaboration, enlarge commerce, accelerate the development of the industry, contented country manufacturing industry is right border cast, very big effect arrived since the demand of die-casting, v, heat treatment and industrial furnace, good public praise is formed inside the industry, be regarded as to enlarge commerce by the enterprise inside course of study, develop the market and the main thoroughfare that the brand publicizes successfully. To promote the development of our country metallurgical industry further, conform quickly with the international market, reveal cast advancedly, technique of heat of die-casting, industry and equipment, help ginseng exhibits an enterprise to enlarge the market, extend business collaboration and sale channel, we hold this fair. All previous experience foundation is held to go up in the success, draw lessons from the operation method of domestic and international congener and large exhibition at the same time, subsequent wave extends the advantage of the house newly without stannum, this second exhibit can go up to will be close to in administrative levels and dimensions domestic and international large exhibit meeting. The organizing committee will invite professional personage and professional user presence to exhibit meeting, in current regular meeting admiral can have numerous enterprise get order for goods and numerous and potential client, will appear the delectable grand occasion that the spot purchases!
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