Exhibition of industry of China International ceramics (Ceramics China)
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  Time 2009-6-1 comes 2009-6-4 Cycle 1 / year Establish time 1986 Application ends 2009-5-1 Pa continent exhibits trade fair of showpiece dot China exit house Exporter of China of the name that exhibit a house tastes Fair Pa continent exhibits a house Exhibit content Property is opened to the businessman only open to businessman and public Sponsor unit China International commerce promotes committee Information is released   Remarks shows range: Equipment of technology of production of L architectural pottery (raw material, mould, press, dry, apply furnace of glair, kiln to wait) ; Equipment of technology of production of L wholesome pottery and porcelain (raw material, mould, shape, dry, apply furnace of glair, kiln to wait) ; L daily expense / equipment of technology of production of pottery and porcelain of arts and crafts; L hi-tech or special type pottery and porcelain produce technology and equipment; Technology of adornment of L pottery and porcelain and equipment (move printing, platen printing and applique technology and equipment) ; L pottery and porcelain former complementary makings (material of raw material, industrial chemicals, mould, fireproof material) ; L pottery and porcelain decorates material (paper of ground of lubricious frit of pottery and porcelain, beautiful paper, beautiful paper, gold creams, oil of Chinese ink of water of Jin Shui, light produced by electricity, attune) ; Product of L industry pottery and porcelain (porcelain ball, filter all sorts of pottery and porcelain, tower filling, acid-proof be able to bear or endure inside all sorts of ceramic tile of bubble of lukewarm material, new-style building, towers the material that prop up, activator) ; Product of L architectural pottery and wholesome pottery and porcelain produce class: Brick of brick of waist of all sorts of wall floor tile, beautiful type, exterior wall tile, square, mosaic, wholesome clean is provided etc; Product of hi-tech or pottery and porcelain of pottery and porcelain of L daily expense, arts and crafts, special type pottery and porcelain: The new technology of L ceramics industry, new technology, patent product; The information industry related L and ceramics industry (the media such as professional the press, magazine, website) .
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