Exhibition of industry of course of study of kiln of 2008 China International, f
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  Time 2008-9-17 comes 2008-9-17 Cycle 1 / year Establish time 2000 Application ends 2008-9-17 Pa continent exhibits group of showpiece center of foreign trade of dot Guangzhou China house 9, exhibit a house 10 numbers one layer Exhibit group of center of foreign trade of China of house title Guangzhou Pa continent exhibits a house 9, 10 exhibit a house one layer Showpiece content is course of study of kiln of 2008 China International, fireproof data industry exhibition
Exhibition of equipment of technology of China International housing materials
On September 17, 2008 - Pa continent exhibits groups of 20 center of foreign trade of China of day Guangzhou • house
Origanization construction
Support: Development of nation of People's Republic of China and reform committee People's Republic of China build a department

Sponsor: Housing materials of country of association of industry of Chinese housing materials exhibits trade center

Huge demand market exhibits an orgnaization to make international trade platform jointly by authoritative government sector, guild and senior meeting to rely on

To fulfil " the State Council of the Party Central Committee puts forward about energy-saving decrease a platoon, the appeal that compose builds environmental protection society " promote kiln furnace trade energetically fireproof material domain, reveal enterprise elegant demeanour, organization for industry commerce associate, enlarge the brand conduct propaganda, optimal communication that provides as well-known as home and even international company to interact platform, housing materials of association of industry of Chinese housing materials, country exhibits trade center on September 17, 2008 - 20 days are in center of foreign trade of Guangzhou • China group Pa continent exhibit a house to hold " exhibition of industry of course of study of kiln of 2008 China International, fireproof data " , this is government and combination of authoritative management department the first when hold is your kind effort of dominant, professional guild with the government those who make is high quality commercialize run major grand meeting.
Current exposition will pass exhibition, forum, negotiate, the platform of development communication collaboration that provides much channel high administrative levels for industry. Industry of course of study of kiln of 2008 China International, fireproof data exhibits meeting to accumulate 6000 square metre, the setting is exhibited 300, exhibit by zone of different special subject, predict to will attract about 20 thousand major to buy the professional personage such as leader of the home, industry, brainpower to show up look around to negotiate and be purchased. Exposition the basis theme, base oneself upon the platform that with kiln furnace industry at making fireproof material gives priority to body, the organizing committee will insist to be with the market oriented, pass perfect professional promotion and public media conduct propaganda, expand extend meeting scope, inviting professional audience, purchase the respect such as business to promote service level to build top-ranking trade environment in the round. Here, we welcome ardently on behalf of the organizing committee sincerely and invite relevant unit to play current fair cordially.
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